5 Important Ways to Turn Your Passion into Profit

“Allow your passion to become your purpose, and it will one day become your profession.”

Let’s think of a hypothetical example where two individuals are playing a game of chess. One has a keen interest in this game and he is proficient in it and the other is playing for the sake of playing. My question to you is who has more chances of winning the game?

Of course the first one.

This hypothetical example is clear enough to make us understand what a passionate individual has with him? It is not simply about winning, but more about zeal, enthusiasm, and dedication.

In a famous book, Ikigai, The Japanese Secret to a long and happy life, it is mentioned that to live a happy life, you must have a purpose. But if we look at our daily lives, are we even closer to this above-mentioned saying? More or less, do we even know what our purpose is? We wake up from our bed by our mobile alarm clocks and go to sleep with a screentime notification. And in the middle of the day, we are living by Darwin’s theory, “The survival of the fittest!” Ain’t this true? If we ask this question to ourselves what purpose do we have in life, do we have a perfect answer to it? Maybe, no! Because we are too focused on surviving that we have forgotten what living looks like!

But not to worry, in this blog, we will talk about how this problem can be solved and how your passion can be turned into a profitable career that can benefit you in a long run! But before that can you define passion?

After a long sigh…

Defining The Passion

Anything that makes you happy is passion. Be it cooking your favourite pie or a cupcake or unleashing your creativity through art or writing or making videos on self-motivation or following a fitness regime, anything that spins the wheel of happiness in your heart is passion. Have you ever thought that what if your leisure activities or a part-time hobby converted to a full-time career or a profession can bring into your life?

Having a passion is one thing but turning it into a profitable profession is another level of climbing a mountain. This blog will guide you step-by-step to take the leap of faith and turn the tables in your favour.

Parameters of passion: Turning the Tables

How you can turn your passion into profit?

1. Think and Analyze

Before beginning, think and analyze what interests you the most? Is it Sanjeev Kapoor’s cookery show that excites you much or is AR Rahman playing the musical instrument wanting you to pursue your career in music? 


      • Become inquisitive and keep on asking questions to yourself, “What excites me the most?”
      • Start exploring different things on the Internet to look out for your passion. 
      • Do brainstorming and think of one or two hobbies that ignite your enthusiasm. 
      • Think of your favorite pastime that makes you stick to the daily routine without getting bored. 
      • Make a list of extra-curricular activities you like and rank them accordingly.
      • Start to sow the seeds of passion and wait for them to reap fruitful results.

2. Make a Blueprint

After you have found out which activity is suitable for you, start making a plan of action for the same.


      • Without any delay, start making a timetable of how to reap beneficial fruits from your leisured activity.
      • Start researching the topic either offline or online and gain information on it. 
      • Look for resources that can benefit you for the same. 
      • Start building your professional network and expand your knowledge through it.
      • Start working on your skills related to your passion and use them meticulously.

3. Start Small

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a small step. After completing your research and formulating an organized schedule, start implementing it in your daily life. Even if it is small, still, do it.


      • Start giving your time to your intention and focus on your goals.
      • Be consistent with your efforts and don’t look back.
      • If you are involved in a full-time job, try to earn from it, but simultaneously, work on your passion too. 
      • Join offline or online classes for the same. 
      • Do a professional course to be efficient and gain knowledge in it. 
      • Look for future opportunities and stay alert if anything pops up.
      • Make use of social media in a productive way.
      • Keep on doing it with sheer consistency and dedication.

4. Evaluate Your Progress

Having a passion does not mean you don’t work for it. There’s a famous saying that says, ‘Hard work beat talent when talent does not work hard.’ So, work on this saying and evaluate your progress timely.


      • Check your progress either by a professional coach or a mentor who has sufficient knowledge in the same field.
      • Stay inspired by looking for healthy competition.
      • Divide your work and give rewards on its completion.
      • Look for revenue resources and earning opportunities.
      • Stay in your lane and keep on hustling.

5. Be Persistent

Perseverance can take you to heights.


    • Stick to your routine.
    • Work on your strengths.
    • Build a strong network and showcase your talent.
    • Never give up.

An Example to Understand it in a Better Way

  • Cooking

For example, if you have a keen interest in cooking, you can start with the following:

  • Making a blueprint on how to start planning out things according to this hobby.
  • Making consistent efforts in it and trying different recipes each day.
  • Look for professional help from a chef or a cook who has better knowledge of it.
  • Evaluate your progress by taking regular online cooking classes.
  • Work on your strengths and expand your network.
  • Use your social media in a productive manner and showcase your talent to the world.
  • Stay consistent and show diligence in your work.
  • Develop the art of not giving up.

I hope this blog gave you useful information on how to proceed forward towards your passion and turn it into a profitable profession.

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