I am not a teacher, but an awakener.
-Robert Frost

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Ok, so you are teacher or a private tutor or college professor or a lecturer. Maybe a dance instructor, or a yoga teacher or you enjoy conducting online baking classes… whoever you are, if you wish to garner more students from across the country, you have come to the right platform!

Register yourself on HomeGuru, go through a quick and efficient verification and grading process and voila, your profile shall be displayed to thousands of willing students, parents who would reach out to you. If you are open for conducting at-home tuitions, you may find willing students from your city/town who are seeking at-home tuitions as well!

Before you know, you could fill up your calendar and start making substantial fees by building a robust tuition practice!!

In the grand scheme of things all subjects are equal, but in reality, some are more equal than others. At HomeGuru, we believe that the world is your oyster. It is the avowed aim of our founders to cover each and every recognised educational certification system and subjects that make up the syllabus for each one of them. Your skills may suddenly be in much greater demand than you could possibly have imagined.

So be it a central or state board, Indian boards or international systems, graduation streams, and higher education in India or abroad, your skills will be in demand. And we’re happy to partner with you on that journey.

How does it work?

Whether teaching is your profession, passion or forte, HomeGuru provides the ideal platform for you to grow and flourish. To ensure every teacher gets a chance to be a part of the HomeGuru family, we have kept the registration process simple and seamless.

The benefits a tutor can expect through coaching on HomeGuru:
Imagine that! No classes. No set parameters. You just need to agree a mutually convenient day and time with learners, with sessions conducted from the comfort of your own home, or – if you’re happy to agree to it – face-to-face instruction. With this, you can focus on imparting the best possible coaching to each of your students.
Your universe is not just restricted to learners from your city, but from all over the country. This vastly improves teaching and income possibilities. You may very well find that a young learner from Hisar is learning from someone in Hyderabad. Or a teacher in Mumbai is coaching someone in Delhi. So, spruce up your profile and grasp the opportunities.
The amount you earn is purely dependent upon your ‘per session’ fee and the amount of time you can devote to HomeGuru’s learners. So, earning via HomeGuru can become your primary source of income, or be an addition to your existing income.
Imagine the satisfaction you’ll experience when a young learner you’ve only ever seen on a screen gets a much better grade than expected. Or the joy of a learner when they thank you for helping them get into a course at a university of their choice. Once you are one of our ‘gurus’, goodwill, credibility, and exposure increases dramatically.

Our tutors are already doing more than 10,000 hours of tutoring in a month. And this number is
growing exponentially.

Our tutors are already doing more than

  10,000 hours 

of tutoring in a month. And this number is growing exponentially.


We do not charge a fee for you to register on HomeGuru. Instead, you charge what you feel your subject knowledge and experience is worth. We levy a small platform fee on the amount you charge a learner.


HomeGuru is a pan-national academic and non-academic platform that brings learners and educators together. Parents and/or learners make choices by reviewing the profiles of approved tutors, and we bring the two of you together. The rest, as they say, is up to the both of you.
Once you have successfully completed the verification process, your profile is made available to all subscribed learners on HomeGuru. They have the flexibility of choosing whom to learn from. If it’s you, we’ll be in touch.
Technology is a thing of beauty, isn’t it? The ease of communications makes both possible. You can plan online sessions with learners from across the country. Literally! However, many parents and/or learners may also look for personalised instruction at home. And if the learner lives in the same city as you, the choice is still yours, depending upon your own circumstances.
A major differentiating factor for us is that we do not conduct classes. We encourage and support one-on-one instruction, or coaching a small group of learners, and leave you to arrange a mutually convenient day and time between yourselves. However, one of our soon-to-be-implemented initiatives is to enable groups of up to 5 learners to sit in a tuition session together, both online and offline, though the latter is completely dependent upon agreement between you, the parents of learners, or the learners themselves.

Registering on HomeGuru is completely free! After the verification process, our profile will be listed on the website. For learners who choose to be coached by you, HomeGuru will do the following:

  • At the end of every session, an invoice will be created and sent to the learner
  • The session fee will be collected by HomeGuru on your behalf
  • A 15% service fee (plus GST) will be deducted from your total earnings in that period
  • The net aggregate earnings will be transferred to your nominated bank account
The fees you’ve earned are transferred by parents, or learners themselves to HomeGuru via a number of electronic options, including credit/debit cards, internet banking, payment wallets or UPI services. Tutors receive a statement of sessions completed, or can track it by logging onto the website or mobile app. We transfer the net fee (after deducting our service fee and GST) directly to your bank account on a weekly basis.
We believe in a learner-driven process, and you’re the expert in your subject area. It is your responsibility to prepare the content based upon your conversations with a learner (and/or parent). It may well be that you need to concentrate on just a few subject areas, and not the entire subject in question, so these decisions are best left to you and the learner.
Though both learner & tutor will receive a notification before every session, things do go awry! If you forget to attend a session, the student won’t be charged. If a learner forgets, your fee will be deducted and paid out to you. However, if you’re informed about a learner’s inability to attend a session at least 12 hours prior, the learner will not be charged. The session will be rescheduled by you and the learner via the mobile app or website.

“Teacher because multi-tasking ninja is not a job title.”