2 November 2021

5 Keys to choosing the right online learning platform

Who would have thought that there would arise a time when one could up-skill and learn from the comforts of their home? Well, while e-learning was always possible, the Covid pandemic was responsible for it taking off to greater heights. Today, with a laptop or tablet and an internet connection every student has brought learning to their doorsteps. With so many e-learning platforms available at our disposal how do we choose the best one?

Let’s dive deeper and find out how we can choose the best online learning platform based on your needs.

Here are 5 questions you need to ask yourself that will help you reflect on your requirements and make a wise choice:

1. Can I use it easily?

For students and parents transitioning from a classroom learning setup to an online learning experience, the process may not be easy. Technological challenges can cause a roadblock in the teaching-learning process for students and their parents. Ensure that you choose a platform that is easy to use and handle. Intuitive systems, easy controls and support need to be on offer so that the learning process becomes easy. Make these aspects a part of your selection process.

2. Does it provide an engaging learning experience?

Will your online learning platform be a one-way street or does it leave room for engagement between teacher and student. Your online platform must offer interactive content, quizzes, tests, feedback and so on. Every child must get an opportunity to interact with the teacher and get their queries resolved. Tutors must be willing to devote personalised attention to each student.

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3. Is it secure?

Online learning platforms will contain a lot of personal information about the student and his or her parent. The information of all including the instructors must be kept safe without any room for invasion of privacy. Ultimately when our children get into the online world, we need to be very sure that they are safe and secure from threats in any form.

4. Are the tutors experienced?

The qualifications and experience of the tutors reflect on the learning of the students. You would want your child to learn only from the best. Online learning necessitates a considerable amount of investment and your Return on Investment (ROI) is directly linked to how good the tutors are. Ensure to choose an online platform that has the best of tutors.

5. Do they have a choice of subjects/courses for learning?

Parents prefer having to go to one place to get all the necessary training for their children. It is essential to choose an online learning platform that has a wide range of subjects or courses to learn from. If parents and students get the opportunity to learn everything in one place it gets convenient, economical and practical for them.

A word of caution – education is the key to your child’s future. You need to invest wisely and let your child learn only from the best. A strong learning foundation will go a long way in ensuring that your child has a smooth academic journey in the future. Ask yourself the above questions before choosing an online platform for your child. We wish you all success.

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