21 October 2021

5 Morning Practices for the Students to Follow

“Your entire day depends on how you start your morning!” 

Quite popular since ancient times that a happy day is directly related to your activities and daily chores associated with your morning schedule. If you are a school or college-going student, or someone who is preparing for competitive examinations, you might have heard from your parents or elder ones that ‘try to learn and memorize your lessons early in the morning as it will be fed in your memory for a longer duration.’ Even studies suggest that for students, morning time is directly connected with success and happiness. 

A student’s shelf life is of a longer duration, and there is no age to learn. Every day comes as a new opportunity that gives a reminder to be aware of our goals and aims in life. If a student can make his morning time notable, then he can achieve success with a content life. 

In this blog, we will dig deep into knowing why mornings are best for students, and what benefits they can bring out from this? Moreover, we will find out about some effective morning routines that students should incorporate into their lives for a healthy lifestyle.

Why Mornings are Important?

Whether you admit it or not, mornings play an important role in our lives. As we are aware that there are two types of people; one who are night owls and the other who are early birds. And when it comes to being responsible and disciplined, the former has always faced a hard time as compared to the latter. If we bring certain studies under the frame, then it suggests that the individuals who wake up late in the morning tend to be less productive as compared to those who wake up early in the morning. In addition, the time between 4:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. is the best period, and if utilized properly, then it can bring fruitful results for the students. 

Some surveys also say that morning can bring out the wealth and happiness in your life. As per some scientists, whatsoever you do in the morning, stays up with you the entire day. If your first thought in the morning is cheerful and happy, you will find yourself energetic throughout the day, but if you wake up grumpy and irritated, your entire day will be full of chaos and delays. 

Mornings are like the opportunities that knock on our door every day. 

How to Utilise Your Morning Time?

If mornings are said to be highly productive for the students, then steps should be taken to reap its beneficial fruits. Let’s find out five important morning routines which students should incorporate daily for a better lifestyle. 

5 Morning Routines

1. Make Your Bed

It sounds strange but making up your bed as soon as you wake up denotes that you are ready for a new day. It makes you responsible for your duties, and you start to feel content from within. Try to incorporate this habit into your morning timetable, and you will start to observe the difference. Starting your day with a clean and fresh mindset changes your perspective. It makes you aware of your surroundings and become grounded. There’s a famous proverb that says, “if you make your bed every morning, you have accomplished your first task of the day.” Indirectly, this routine is related to your mindset towards your future goals and tasks.

2. Start Your Day with Gratitude

There’s a famous quote written in the book, ‘The Magic by Rhonda Byrne’ which says, ‘Gratitude unlocks the fullness in life.’ Start to make a habit of saying Thank you for every blessing you have in life. This morning routine is the most effective routine not only for students but for every individual. After making your bed, give yourself five to ten minutes to count your blessings. This practice will give you the constant reminder that there is always something to be grateful for! You can either maintain a journal for this or simply affirm your blessings in your mind.

3. Start Doing Meditation Practice 

Studies have shown that doing meditation in the morning is highly productive for students. It helps in increasing memory power and concentration. Meditation keeps you calm and relaxed. It activates your brain muscles and increases your intelligence quotient. Furthermore, meditative practices and deep breathing are helpful in boosting our immunity. Fresh air in the morning is pure, and doing several rounds of deep inhaling and exhaling helps in fighting the toxins in our body and keeps us immune from diseases.

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4. Stay Away from Electronic Gadgets

Apart from your morning alarm clock on the phone, all the electronic items should be kept away in the morning. Our lives are connected with our mobile phones but scrolling the feed in the morning is not a good idea to start your day. Some studies suggest that checking your phone in the morning triggers stress and anxiety. If you go through your Instagram feed or Whatsapp messages as soon as you wake up, it gives a signal to your brain that you are starting your day with anxious thoughts. You can choose an alternative like stretching your arms, going for a walk, or read a book to keep your mind calm and fresh.

5. Implement a Healthy Diet

It all starts with starting your day with warm water along with either lemon or honey. Develop the habit of not skipping breakfast. Try to incorporate healthy food and vitamins into your diet. Along with eating healthy, you should always opt for a natural source of vitamins in the morning. Sitting in sunlight for 10-15 minutes is proven highly beneficial for students’ immune systems.

These morning practices will surely bring a positive and healthy lifestyle for students. 

Start implementing it today!

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