11 April 2022

Best Summer Activities for Kids

When we talk about kids, summer vacation feels different! It is one of the most joyous times in their lives. From the day of their final exams to mid-July month, kids travel to their own dreamland.

You must be aware that kids watch Doremon, a popular cartoon known for its technologically-friendly gadgets. One of his most famous gadgets is the Anywhere door, through which any individual can travel anywhere at any time. The same happens with your kids during summer breaks.

You must be smiling, but that’s true.

Your kids carry a deep imagination within themselves and are inquisitive to learn and explore.

But have you ever thought what if this inquisitive imagination gets wings to fly? What if your kids can utilize their summer breaks by doing some beneficial summer activities that can not only make their summer vacation more fun but can help them become a part of a creative learning environment.

How can you utilize their summer vacations?

Summer breaks are the time to relax and enjoy. Moreover, summer activities are one of the most helpful tools to incorporate non-academic learning into your kid’s life.

But if you carefully notice that kids nowadays are consumed by gadgets and are overusing screen time which causes severe mental health as well as physical health issues in their lives.

Whether you are a working parent or a stay-home parent, you are aware that your kids are attached to their laptops and mobile phones as compared to going out and having fun.

Nowadays, summer breaks are different from what it was a decade ago! As with increased technology, the kids have also become smarter. And seeing these scenarios, outdoor activities have taken a back seat ride.

But we must know that these summer activities are helpful for your kids.

Want to know how?

Top Benefits of Summer Activities

Outdoor activities unleash creativity and bring positive energy into the lives of the kids. Nowadays, when the summer breaks are consumed by technological gadgets, at such a time, incorporating summer activities can do wonders for your kids.

  1. Learn something new:
  2. Summer activities help the kids with their creative learning. It lets them incorporate fun learning into their schedule, and they enjoy the process. From choosing options from various summer activities to exploring different horizons, they tend to learn something new every time.

  3. Hidden talent comes out:
  4. Summer activities focus on bringing out the hidden talent of your kids. Be it swimming or cycling, or any other outdoor activity, it lets your kids explore their hidden talents. It may be that your kid is active in the classroom, but through these summer activities, maybe, they explore what works out best for them, and their hidden talent comes out.

  5. Makes them physically active:
  6. Nowadays, when kids are sitting in front of their laptops screens consumed by gadgets, these outdoor activities act as a catalyst to make them physically active and fit. These activities ensure the best physical health for the kids, and they tend to be involved with eating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

  7. Gives great exposure:
  8. Kids get great exposure outside their home and classroom walls through summer activities. They come out of their comfort zone and get exposed to the outer environment. They become a part of a fun learning atmosphere and explore the outer world through their naked eyes.

  9. Instills positive outlook:
  10. It has been scientifically proven that outer energy gives positive vibes than sitting in the corner of the room. Hence, going out and playing or enjoying outdoor activities takes care of mental health and keeps it sane. It makes your kids energetic and enthusiastic about the tasks and reduces stress and anxiety.

  11. Utilizes time at the right place:
  12. Instead of sitting in front of computer screens or wasting their time, outdoor activities are a great source of utilizing the time in the right direction at the right place. Kids enjoy the activities along with participating in creative learning that boosts confidence and mental abilities.

After understanding the benefits, let us take a look at the list of some popular summer activities.

Types of indoor and outdoor activities that your kids can perform:

  1. Dancing:
  2. It is one of the best ways to stay physically active and incorporate fun learning into your kid’s daily routine. It helps in balancing and reducing stress. This activity can be performed either by learning from a professional dance tutor online or by taking one-on-one classes at a studio.

  3. Art and Craft:
  4. It is one of the smartest ways to bring creative learning to your kids. Art has the power to transform lives, and if it is incorporated daily, then it can be beneficial. Drawing and coloring are the two most basic elements that kids can do anytime and anywhere. It helps in expressing emotions and boosting creativity. Your kids can perform this activity either in the playground basking in the sun during the evening or by sitting in their armchairs or sofas at a comfortable place in your home either under your guidance or by learning from professional artists.

  5. Music:
  6. Music has the power to express our inner emotions. If this activity is followed by your kids, then it can be beneficial in boosting their emotional intelligence. Be it learning piano, guitar, flute, or learning the basics of singing, both are useful for your kids.

  7. Yoga and Meditation:
  8. Instilling a physically active routine at an early age can be good for your kids. During a long summer break, the majority of the kids tend to wake up late. But, you can break this cycle by starting Yoga and Meditation classes for your kids. You can take help from a professional Yoga instructor that can help your kids stay physically active. Moreover, it can help reduce stress and anxiety and calm their mind muscles.

  9. Sports Activities:
  10. Outdoor Activities-

    • Cricket
    • Lawn Tennis
    • Basketball
    • Swimming

    Indoor Activities-

    • Chess
    • Carrom
    • Skating
    • Badminton

    These activities can be done either in the morning as well as in the evening by a professional sports coach. Sport is one of the best ways to instill discipline in your kid’s life. Hence, these activities can be incorporated daily.

  11. Baking and Cooking:
  12. If your kids have an interest in trying new recipes or they are happy when they help you in baking a cake, then you can help them pursue their hobby by enrolling them in baking and cooking classes.

  13. Makeup Tutorials:
  14. Nowadays, there are various options available for kids to explore their talents. One such is learning and experimenting with makeup. If we look at today’s scenario, then making face paintings and experimenting with new looks with different makeup products are the new bandwagon. Your kids can learn from professional makeup artists either online or offline.

  15. Anchoring:
  16. If your kids love to speak or you want to improve their communication skills, then anchoring is the best option for them. It can help them explore public speaking, and reduce their stage fear. Learning from a professional radio jockey or a tutor can help your kids with this.

  17. Personality Development Classes:
  18. You can also try your hands at enrolling your kids in personality development classes. It can help them become confident in any endeavor and boosts cognitive functions.

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