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English is the most important language in the academic curriculum. From learning the alphabet to reading the sentences and writing them down, it holds sharp power. The English language is the most widely spoken language in the world. It is the basic stepping stone to starting your academic career. It holds numerous career opportunities for students all across the world. 

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In our day-to-day life, English language proficiency plays an important role. Be it cracking your first interview or enhancing your communication skills, this language should be learned by every individual. It is one of the languages that help in removing language barriers. In other countries where English is the dominant language, it can help in building confidence in you and removing barriers. It will also help you get a job in foreign countries. The English language brings efficiency to your work and boosts your confidence. Reading, Writing, Editing, and Speaking this language help students to learn and explore better. It is one of the most dominant speaking languages and holds numerous career opportunities for you to grow and make a successful career.

Academic Subject: English

In the majority, this language is helpful for growth in the academic career. Being proficient in English speaking, one can crack any interview and get a job anywhere in the world. Academically, it includes basic learning alphabet, prose, literature, and poetry. English Grammar includes all the parts of speech, subject and predicate, tenses, letter-writing, composition, etc. Spoken English focuses on sharpening speaking skills, vocabulary, and fluency. 

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Get to experience the fun and creative learning environment at HomeGuru. To understand the concepts better and become fluent in English, HomeGuru is the answer to every academic question. Learn from academic experts and experienced tutors who can help with academic subjects as well as spoken English for improved vocabulary and fluency. 

HomeGuru aims to provide the best learning solutions to students and help them with their academic and non-academic needs. You can opt for both home tuition and online classes at your convenience.


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Reading is one of the secret weapons to improving your grammar skills. Also, make it a point to learn the basic grammar rules thoroughly along with doing revision exercises.
A positive mindset and excellent exam preparation are important to score good marks in your examination. Go through your class notes and be prepared with your concepts. It will help you score better.
It takes time. But with practice, you can learn basic concepts in a week.
If given time to do anything, nothing is difficult. By understanding the concepts, you can understand the subject properly.

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