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Environmental Studies is the subject that focuses on human interaction with the environment. It talks about saving green life and promoting the green revolution in an interesting and creative manner. It is connected with the basic principles and ethics of humanity and their responsibilities towards making this planet a better place.


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It is for Academic purposes to make young students aware of the necessary actions to be taken to protect the environment. Environment plays an important role in our lives and EVS is the subject that gives wide information about our planet, environment and surroundings. From increasing climate changes to rising global warming, we need a better perspective on understanding this subject better. Hence, EVS holds a strong grip on giving vital information about crises, solutions and hazards related to our environment. The subject mainly covers a wide number of topics and makes us aware of what are our duties towards the environment.


Academic Subject: EVS

Not only till young age when students read about environmental practices in their subject textbooks, but EVS is also a widely accepted and popular subject for adults. It offers a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in the same. Worldwide, programs in environmental studies may be offered through colleges of life science, social science or agriculture.

The interactive part comes with the participation of individuals knowing about our nature and coming together with smart solutions.


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Firstly, don’t panic once you get a question paper in your hand. Go through it very calmly and start answering it carefully. If your preparations are done well then nobody can stop you from scoring good marks.
The main advantage of learning environmental studies is that it helps children learn how to be kind to animals, plants, and people around them. It makes us aware of our responsibility towards the environment. This field of education has multiple career benefits.
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