Hindi Tuition for Class 1-12

Hindi language is the national language of India and is widely spoken in almost all regions. From our national anthem to ancient and historic learnings, the Hindi language holds numerous importance.

Learn Hindi

The base of the academic career is held by the Hindi language. From learning to speak and understanding the language, we begin our academic life with Hindi.

The Hindi subject includes Hindi literature, prose, poetry, and grammar sections. In prose and literature, students learn about stories, snippets, anecdotes, and biographies of people written by top-notch authors like Munshi Prem Chand. Hindi poetry is popular because of Harivanch Rai Bachchan and our national anthem which is written by Rabindranath Tagore. 

Hindi Grammar includes the basic parts of speech, synonyms, antonyms, proverbs and idioms. 

Find Well-qualified Hindi Tutors

If one needs to be fluent in Hindi and score better, then with HomeGuru you can find all the answers. Be it understanding the basic foundation to memorise difficult grammar rules, our verified tutors help in understanding this subject from the core. HomeGuru offers you personalised attention and guidance making your learning journey an enjoyable one.  Be proficient in Hindi with HomeGuru.


Be clear about the grammatical rules of the Hindi subject. Learn the formats of letter writing, and practice descriptive questions as much as you can. For any help in the Hindi subject, you can always contact HomeGuru.
First and foremost, keep all the negative thoughts aside. Concentrate on scoring good marks in your examination. If you need any guidance, feel free to register at HomeGuru. Our tutors offer you the best guidance in your learning journey.
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