IB Board

International Baccalaureate Board is a nonprofit educational foundation that helps school-aged students become active learners and assists them with the skills they require for a successful future. It offers four educational programmes.

IB Programmes:

    1. PYP: The primary year’s programme (Students aged 3 to 12)

It is for the children between 3-12 age group and it helps them to become active participants in their own learning.

    1. MYP: The middle year’s programme ( students aged 11 to 16)

It is about making the connection between the classroom and the real world.

    1. DP: The Diploma Programme (Students aged 15 to 19)

It is a future-ready programme to lead their lives successfully in the field of their interests.

    1. Career-related Programme (Students aged 15 to 19)

It is for students who are in their final school years. It focuses on both their academic studies along with their future career pathways.

IB Tuition:

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