25 November 2022

From Passive to Active Learning

Take the leap from passive listening to active learning

With home-based tuitions from HomeGuru

Most often in a classroom situation, students are sitting as passive audience while the teacher drones on about a subject.

Irrespective of individual absorption capacity, a class-taught subject is invariable kept at the lowest common denominator level. This is to be expected in any mass teaching method.  

One size doesn’t fit all

The reality is that in a classroom of 30 students, every single child is processing the information being imparted in a different manner, at a different pace.

While some students may be quicker on the uptake, many would probably need several repetitions before it drills down in their heads fully. The latter is not possible for a teacher, however dedicated he or she may be, for the simple reason that there is a limited time for a class period within which a specified portion of the curriculum needs to be completed.

Hence the need for an outside coaching to fill the lacuna in comprehensive understanding. 

HomeGuru fills the knowledge gap

HomeGuru has enlisted proficient home tutors in different subjects, who go to the child’s home and teach there. This enables a secure learning space for students who may otherwise find it hard to raise doubts in a classroom.

The home-based coaching not only affords a deep and complete understanding of the subject, it also saves the child from unnecessary commute to a coaching centre – which becomes yet another classroom after regular school.

Added to that is the comfort level of the child’s own home, where her guard can be down and she can fully focus on the one-to-one teaching with complete absorption.

Individual-focussed teaching

Home tutoring allows the child to learn at their own pace, rather than a pre-set pace of a classroom or a coaching centre. Some topics may need more time while another may be a breeze.

So these individual differences can be addressed fruitfully with home tutors from HomeGuru.

Trained, dedicated tutors

HomeGuru has stringent screening policies in place to ensure that every teacher enlisted with them is of a certain calibre. They are well trained and dedicated in their approach with child-centric and proven teaching methodology.

Give your child the HomeGuru advantage – deep learning of a subject, securely, safely and seamlessly.

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