21 January 2022

Top 5 Benefits of Learning a New Language

Hello! Hola! Hallo! Ola! Namaste!

The above mentioned are the words used to greet someone in different languages in different parts of the world. It depicts that when it comes to languages, this world offers vast diversity.

In India, after every 100 miles, we come across a new language. To keep pace with this change, learning a new language is necessary. Knowing about it is a part of creative learning, and it helps in exploring your minds.

Why learning a new language is important for the students?

As students, you are focused on learning something new and look out to develop a versatile approach. Did you know that learning a second language is the best way to take it forward?

Many of you take French classes to develop a habit of speaking French or take online Hindi classes to be proficient in your mother tongue. To be precise, this habit not only enhances your skills but also boosts your academic performance. It is one of the productive ways to induce creative learning in your daily schedule. It also helps to create an opportunity for you to advance your career forward.

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Many students might not know this but a second language or any other foreign language aids in advancing your professional career. In future job interviews, knowing about different languages is one of the crucial selecting criteria and professionals look for individuals who are proficient in bilingual languages. Moreover, different language skills help with the incentives as well. Overall, it creates a gateway for a brighter future.

Benefits of Learning a new language

Here are the top five benefits of learning a new language.

1) Helps in the development of Bilingual Brain

As you know, the brain is divided into two hemispheres; right and left. The former is responsible for imagination and creative learning and the latter works with logical thinking. From the research, it has been found out that when you talk in your native language, you use your left side of the brain. But, when you have knowledge of multiple languages, then your right part of the brain is equally involved. Hence, it helps in developing your bilingual brain. If both of the hemispheres are equally utilized, it can strengthen your mental abilities.

2) Helps in improving communication skills

As a student, communication plays a vital role. It helps in building a healthy relationship with teachers as well as your colleagues along with bringing proactiveness and enthusiasm. To improve this vital skill, learning a new language is always a better choice. If you are fluent in more than two languages, then it enhances your communication skills. Your vocabulary is improved, and you become more efficient while speaking.

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3) Helps in improving cognitive functions

When you juggle between two tasks and want to complete them with 100% enthusiasm, you force your mind to focus on two things at different times. And when your mind gives equal attention to both tasks, you tend to improve your multitasking and concentration power. Hence, knowing about a second language helps in improving your concentration. It tends to improve your memory and retention power along with problem-solving skills. You adapt to the environment in a better way and enhance your cognitive functions.

4) Helps in giving various career options

Knowing different languages open new doors of opportunities. It gives compelling benefits and offers various career options for you. You can either become a translator, interpreter, language specialist, tour guide, content writer, blogger, proofreader, etc. Some of you love to travel; hence, it opens travel opportunities for you to explore the world. It makes you qualify to study abroad and build a career in a foreign country.

5) Helps in removing language barriers

Being proficient in different languages, helps you to connect to different individuals living in different parts of the country. It helps in removing the language barriers, creates opportunities to meet new people, and helps in sharing information in a meaningful manner. You can bring out the relevant conversation to the table by knowing their native tongue and sharing yours.

How to include a new language in your schedule?

In today’s time, technology has numerous benefits and online learning is one of them. You can search for language specialists or tutors online to take this forward. From French, German, Spanish to Hindi, Marathi, Gujrati classes, etc there are multiple options available for you to explore. You can either take home tuitions for these classes or can learn through online learning.

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P.s- It is never too late to learn! 

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