26 September 2022

Useful Time Saving Tips for Tutors

Saving time is one of the most vital hacks for life. Especially when you have a job where you need to stand on your feet and use your mind without taking a break. Teachers would relate to this dreaded and hectic situation. From starting their day with attendance registers to utilising the lunch with checking test papers to signing their day off with new assignments, teachers are on duty 24X7.

In such cases, saving time becomes crucial for them.

If you are a working professional, be it a tutor in any organisation, working as a college professor, or taking home tuition, you must be aware of the fact that the job of the teacher comes with responsibilities. From preparing prior lessons, conducting tests, and giving assignments to checking answer sheets and taking extra classes, a tutor knows how hectic their schedule can get. They grind day and night to give their best performance, not simply for themselves but their students too.

In such scenarios, managing time becomes a necessity.

Most tutors who are reading this blog will agree that any time-saving tip is equivalent to a life-saving hack. Let’s find out about those tips and how tutors can benefit from them.

But before that, let’s try to understand why saving time is important for tutors.

  1. Efficiency:
  2. If their time is divided, it makes them efficient. They focus on work more keenly and become focused on the specific task without being tense about the other.

  3. Productivity:
  4. Scheduling time for multiple assignments can help them with their productivity. It increases their stamina and boosts their confidence to start and end their day cheerfully.

  5. Prioritising work:
  6. Proper time management for short-term and long-term goals is necessary for tutors as it reminds them about important tasks.

  7. Reminder to take breaks:
  8. The most vital reason to manage time is to give allowance to oneself to take rest. There is a quote that says, “Take your rest seriously the way you take your hustling.”

  9. Work-Life balance:
  10. Not just from a professional point of view, a tutor is a human first. There should be a perfect balance of work and life, and time management helps with the same.

By looking at these reasons, some time-saving tips are necessary to discuss.

Time-Saving Tips for Tutors:

  1. Plan your lessons in the night:
  2. You are aware of your subject; henceforth, you can prepare the lesson one night prior and keep your notes ready. If you are a beginner, then this tip can save your crucial time before class. There are numerous things to do before the commencement of the class, and in this, tutors forget to prepare themselves. Try it out for a week and see if it works.

    If not, then try to utilise your early morning for the same. Just a change of perspective, but the function remains the same.

  3. While giving assignments and planning a test, follow a strategy:
  4. Be experimental with your teaching methods, but focus on what can be implemented and what not. Don’t be repetitive with the assignments, and experiment with something that resonates with the students.

    For example: Assign them homework that is engaging and builds the interests of the students. If you want them to teach about states and capitals, ask them to do a thorough research on it and divide the classroom into two teams; as states and capitals.

    When the students will engage themselves in the task, then your work will be distributed. This will make them learn in a better way so you won’t have to spend time teaching the same concept again and again.

  5. Set reminders for your task:
  6. Try to assign time duration for the tasks you need to finish. It will help you with your efficiency along with productivity. Assigning duration will also aid you from doing unnecessary procrastination. Sometimes, it might have happened that we take a break in between, and half an hour break turns out to be our giant nightmare. To avoid this, set reminders for your tasks and try to finish them in that specific duration.

  7. Carry a diary for small tasks:
  8. For tutors, every bigger work is connected with multiple smaller works. For this, maintain a small diary and write down those tasks in that. After its completion, do not forget to put a tick. It indicates that you are efficient with your tasks and boosts confidence to do the same with the upcoming ones.

  9. Try to use technology:
  10. It’s an undeniable fact that technology helps with saving our time. If you are taking online batches, keep your tabs open. Be updated with your mailers and try to teach more digitally.

By following these tips, you will be able to save some of your time and will follow a healthy work-life balance.

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