17 August 2021

5 Ways for Students to Enhance Their Creative Learning

Do you find yourself surfing a YouTube video on working on your creative learning process and ending up binge watching a Netflix show?

If your response is yes, then you are in majority!

The global Pandemic has resulted in an abrupt shut down of schools and colleges, and this long gap from the year 2020 has deeply affected the learning process. This situation has not only promoted idleness among the students but has also played havoc with their abilities to engage, focus and concentrate. Students are increasingly being less proactive, and it has taken a toll on their innovative thinking and creative learning.

Why Creative Learning is important

It is one of the most important learning tool for the growth of the students. Creative Learning encourages them to go beyond the textbook definition and dive into the world of knowledge and wisdom. This enables the learners to move away from rote learning methods to the realms of Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS).

What are the ways to enhance creative learning in the academics?

1. Promoting Versatility in Studies 

Having a fixed and disciplined schedule is important, but if it gets monotonous, then the ability to concentrate and focus diminishes. Learners get physically as well as mentally exhausted, and the assigned tasks get delayed. To overcome this, try to bring versatility in your study schedule. It can be done by adding new dimensions to your schedule. For example: Try to incorporate group discussions as it will lead to enhance your critical thinking as well as communication skills.

2. Bringing Two Way Communication

It’s good for a learner to learn and write individually, but multiple research show that if this habit is accompanied by two-way communication, then the creative abilities of the learners get boosted multi-fold. For example: when you learn a topic, try to communicate or explain it to your friend or to your parents. As Albert Einstein famously said, “If you can explain what you have learned, then you will remember it forever!”

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3. Use of Mnemonics

Remember the Periodic Table in Chemistry? In 9th grade, when we were asked to learn this table, we all learned it through mnemonics. Why not bring the old method back? It not only helps you memorise the topic precisely but also builds your creativity. It keeps you engaged with the topic and make the learning process fun. With this, your stagnant brain finds ways to create something unique and you end up being creative.

4. Use of Different Colours, Pens, and Other Stationery 

Though it may cost you some extra bucks but this is surely an effective way of enhancing creativity. While making notes, try using different colour pens or calligraphy pens. It will make your notes aesthetically pleasing, and subconsciously, you will open them frequently.

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5. Develop a Hobby 

Apart from your regular academic subjects, pursue some hobby and mix your studies with something that you truly enjoy doing. Check out digital platforms which offer qualified tutors in varied fields. Students can open the doors of their creativity by pursuing and mixing these pursuits with their academics. Be it Yoga, music, dance, calligraphy or whatever else you fancy, it is always a good idea to bring in extracurricular in your schedule.

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