30 January 2021

Importance of Extracurricular Activities in Students’ Lives

If you are a six-year-old kid, who wants to learn the basics of Karate or a sixty-year-old individual, who wants to acquire knowledge of yoga and meditation, at every age learning is a part of our daily life. It has no age bars and it defines the inner passion that is needed to be followed. Non-Academic Learning plays an equal part in an individual’s life. Be it trying your hands on fitness and training, mastering the skills of check-mate moves, or pursuing your passion of becoming a musician or a dancer, every extra-curricular activity has its own advantages and it plays an important role in students’ day-to-day lives. 


Extra-Curricular Activities are a part of the education system where students indulge themselves in another way of learning outside their textbooks. They contribute to boosting one’s self-confidence and overall personal development. It is not necessary that it only includes your hobbies. Singing a song or playing a video game occasionally are not listed under non-academic learning. But, if anything that leads to enhancing your skills and building your mind muscles, then they are known as Extracurricular Activities. 


Some of the examples of after-school activities include sports, music, yoga, meditation, art and craft, indoor games, language learning, etc. These are not only helpful in personal development but also in improving your academic performance. 

In this blog, we will learn the importance of extracurricular activities and how it benefits students of any age. 



    Students’ lives are not restricted to textbook definitions and physics formulae to remember. The outer knowledge and wisdom are equally important. Non-Academic learning helps the students in knowing what is happening in the outer world. The extra-curricular activities of any genre give a helping hand to students’ inquisitive minds and support them in exploring the world outside their textbooks.

  • ASSISTS IN MAINTAINING A BALANCED STUDYING AND SOCIAL LIFE:For a student, a perfect balance is unquestionably important. It is practically impossible for students to study for eight hours and cram every sentence written in their textbooks. They need exposure to catch up with the non-learning aspects, too! From knowing the insights of sports through Olympics, common-wealth games, and other tournaments to having the interest to learn the skill of music or art and craft, extra-curricular activities benefit the students in balancing both the facets appropriately.
  • GATEWAY FOR MORE CAREER OPTIONS: Remember Rancho from the movie 3 Idiots? He said, ‘pursue your passion as your career and then work will not feel like a burden.’ If truth be told, gone are the days when only Math and Science were considered as the only career options for students. Now the list has exponentially increased to various other options. Getting engaged in numerous hobbies of your interests like sports or yoga helps in opening the gateway of new career opportunities in the future.

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  • BOOSTS SOCIAL SKILLS: The most important benefit of extra-curricular activities is that it helps the students in boosting their social skills and helps in self-development. Communication is a vital asset in students’ lives and it helps the students to explore their freedom of speech in the right way! Having an interest in after-school activities is the best way to enhance your communication skills and learn about yourself. It helps you to work on yourself by knowing your strengths and weaknesses. In parallel, it also helps in building self-confidence.
  • BUILDS TEAMWORK AND UNITY: Remember the Grade 1 Moral Science story, ‘it is impossible to break someone if you are united?’ As a matter of fact, non-academic courses are the best way to develop a positive attitude, learn about teamwork and problem-solving skills, and involve critical thinking in a bigger frame. The best way to introduce all these attributes is through sports.
  • IMPROVES ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE: By research, it has found out that an equal interest in both academic and non-academic courses helps in improving the grades of the students. Surprisingly, extra-curricular activities after school help in developing a positive attitude of students. In return, a healthy mental state helps in improving concentration and memory that helps in scoring better in the exams.

Non-Academic subjects hold a great interest as they impress interviewees in your future interviews. They help you explore the deeper insights outside your textbooks. One can go after their hobbies and engage in a fun learning process through extra-curricular activities. 

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