14 July 2022

How to be interview ready with fluent English

How to be interview ready with fluent English

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt you were perfectly fit for a job role but were not confident because of your fluency in English?

It can be a relatable situation for some.

Interviews and their preparation can be a bit daunting for a newbie or a fresher. From preparing for the job to looking for every fine detail, the entire interview process requires perseverance. Moreover, fluency in the English language plays a crucial role.

The candidates must prepare themselves and learn the art of fluency, along with considering other details.

In this blog, we will share some useful tips that might help you crack your interview easily. It will give you insights on how to be interview ready with fluent English.

Let’s have a look at those tips.

  1. Read the job description carefully:
  2. Before jumping to conclusions, candidates must focus on their foundation blocks. Every job title comes with a brief introduction; hence taking a closer look at the job profile and understanding its role and duties is the foremost task individuals should do. It helps in understanding their role and duties, which in return builds confidence. Searching suitable keywords related to your description helps in building your base strong.

  3. Learn about the company you are applying for:
  4. Imagine knowing everything before your interview! Fascinating, right?

    Before appearing for the interview, learn about the company. Go to its website and do thorough research on it. It helps to keep you poised and makes you prepared for the questions that are about the company. It helps in increasing your chances of selection too.

  5. Start reading English newspapers:
  6. It all begins by taking a small step. No matter if you are not fluent in the language, you can always learn from scratch. Try to develop a habit of reading English newspapers early in the morning. Read it aloud or in your mind as per your preference. It helps in adapting to the language easily. Moreover, you will understand the sentence structure, tone, and grammar of the texts written.

  7. Start watching English News:
  8. Become a companion of your fathers and start implementing a new evening routine by watching English News with them. Watching English news will help you understand behavioural patterns. It will improve your speaking tone and enhance your English speaking skills.

  9. Make American Sitcoms and Novels your BFFs:
  10. Watching the news and reading newspapers might be a monotonous task. So switch your interest to American Sitcoms and novels written by foreign authors. It will help you with your vocabulary, and you will be in a constant flow of this language. While reading or watching, write down a list of new words and search for their meanings. Utilise those words in your daily routine, and slowly you will notice the difference in your own accent.

  11. Prepare your own mock interview questions:
  12. Begin with writing down the important questions asked in the interview. Take the help of YouTube videos suggesting some questions being asked before. Prepare a list of all those questions and write down their answers. Don’t focus much on grammar. Indeed, try to be realistic with a subtle tone and work on your fluency.

  13. Do mirror exercise daily at night:
  14. Every night, take out your list of questions from the mock interview. Read the answers out loud by looking at yourself in the mirror. It will help you understand your mistakes and boost your self-confidence. It will also help you notice your minute details like hand gestures, pauses, etc.

  15. Try to communicate with people in English:
  16. Start this with your best friends or pals. Call them and ask them to talk to you in English for fifteen minutes. Develop a habit of speaking in English daily. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Remember, mistakes are the guideposts for the future.

  17. Never underestimate the power of confidence and practice:
  18. Confidence can take you to your destination. Keep on practising your questions and answers daily. Practice and perseverance are the two secret elements to crack your interview.

  19. Take help from a professional:
  20. If you still face difficulty speaking or learning English, then taking help from an expert is always a suitable choice. You can opt for online lectures or English home tuitions to understand its basic concepts.

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