5 July 2022

Top 5 learning hacks for students to score higher in exams

We might have seen a situation where some student tried to solve a maths problem, but he did not do it? Or did someone finish a chapter and his batchmate asked him to give a summary of it, and he was unable to explain it?

Remarkably, this is the most common problem among the students. Through research and studies, it has been found that most students forget what they have studied right before the exam.

In such scenarios, it is important for the students to learn some essential hacks that might interest them for their future studies as well as help them score higher in the exams.

Being a student is not an easy task. Trust us, we all have been there.

From memorising all the subjects to going through everyday challenges to going to school or college to going back to home tuition or attending online lectures, the life of all the students is like a liquid container. It flows from one place to another. Hence it is important for them to attain peace of mind and become proficient with essential study hacks that can become their companion.

Why are these learning hacks important for students?

Trying new things has always been a great way to achieve great results. The same goes for these useful hacks.

  • Proliferating productivity: Being productive is one of the vital resources for the
    students, and learning new habits would help them achieve it.
  • Increases efficiency: By learning these new hacks, students would become more
    efficient with their work, which in return will help them score higher.
  • Sharpen your memory: Learning new hacks would help you in boosting your
    memory power.
  • Becomes consistent: Maintaining a routine and following it daily would make
    students consistent. It would help them develop a habit of doing those tasks daily.
  • Helps score better: Having a bundle of notes prepared before exams would help
    students with their stress and clear their exams.

Let’s know about these learning hacks.

“Little patience and sheer dedication can lead you to all the possible results.”

1. Start early morning

Heard the saying from our grandparents, “waking up early can solve all your problems.”

Our procrastinating minds would not allow us to believe it, but this saying offers numerous wonders. Before forming a building, building the base is important.

  • Start your day by waking up early, as it will give you time to think.
  • Make your own bed, as some studies have suggested that making one’s own bed can make you think you are prepared for any tasks that come your way.
  • Do meditation for fifteen minutes and recharge your mind to become productive for the rest of the day.
  • Walking and doing exercise for thirty minutes can be added to your routine, which will help in releasing your endorphins, which are responsible for boosting memory and making you happy.
  • After taking a shower, select your favourite place to study, which will help you stick to your study table for a long time.

2. Divide your day into two; short-term goal and long-term goal

Planning out your day is one of the most important learning hacks. It helps in completing your tasks with efficiency and productivity. As the new academic session has started; hence, all the students can start with this hack as early as possible.

  • Select your subjects, write down your study plan on a piece of paper, and divide them into short and long-term goals.
  • Include daily homework, assignments, and reading hours in your short-term goals.
  • Include practice papers, previous year question papers, and notes from seniors or home tutors in your long-term goals. Stick that paper somewhere prominent so that it gives you a reminder to follow it.

3. Make stationery your best friend

It has been found that students are afraid of monotonous routines. Writing notes in the class with the same black and blue pen and then repeating the same in their tuitions make them dull and distant from studying. Hence, play with your stationery. Subconsciously, it will help in retaining the information in the longer run.

  • Develop a habit of reading your class notes and textbooks daily.
  • Use highlighter pens to highlight important paragraphs that will rescue you from the last-hour rush during your internal assessment.
  • Use flashcards for difficult subjects as they are easy to carry and can be used as a daily reminder for you to memorise.
  • Read from the textbook along with class notes and make your own notes with different colour pens. This is one of the easiest ways to be prepared for your exams. It will save your time during the exams as all the resources would be available in one place.

4. Discuss it with peers

  • A student must be a great communicator as it is helpful in exchanging ideas and gaining information.
  • After making your notes or reading your chapter, discuss it with your batchmate.
  • Utilise your evenings with healthy group discussions for a better exchange of ideas and for gaining new perspectives.
  • Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses along with your peers.
  • Ask your peers to correct you, as it will help improve your mistakes.
  • Assign tasks to each other. It can include either narrating a summary of a chapter or solving any equation, or discussing theorems.
  • Build healthy friendships along with learning daily.

5. Take help from extra sources

Any extra help or guidance from a verified and well-experienced tutor can help you with your exams and daily assignments.

  • Go beyond your textbooks and learn new concepts through reference books.
  • Take the help of the Internet and learn through images and videos.
  • Take help from a professional tutor from HomeGuru that can help you with your marks.
  • Clear your basic concepts before exams.

P.s- Practice, practice, and more practice.

With these hacks, you will be able to be ready for your exams and score higher.

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