23 September 2021

How to choose the right tutor for your child

There is a high demand for private tutors in India by every parent so that their child receives a boost in their academic or non-academic learning process. This has created a great market of tutors both online and offline. With the Covid pandemic still lurking around, the majority of students are seeking to learn online in India. However, how can one know which tutor is best suited to inculcate learning in their children? Parents will surely want to leave their children in good hands and it is imperative that one finds a good tutor so that the child can learn well. Here are a few tips to keep in mind before choosing a tutor for your child.

1. Get References 

References always help in making an ideal choice. If there is someone who has tried and tested the expertise of tutors it makes sense to ask them for their recommendations and choose accordingly. It would be great to talk to other parents and gather their opinions about their child’s tutor. Getting such first-hand knowledge would be very critical.

2. Determine Budget

The budget and fees of the tutor will surely be something one would need to consider. Tutor’s rates usually depend upon their experience. So make sure to consider every aspect of the tutor’s experience and availability before settling on a rate.

3. Tutor’s Experience and Qualifications

Your child will be able to learn well only if he is taught well. In order to teach well, a tutor must be well qualified and experienced. Your child will turn out to be as good as his tutor, hence make sure the tutor is well experienced in teaching and also qualified in the field of study.

4. Consider a Tutoring Agency over an Individual Tutor

Tutoring agencies are hubs of knowledge. They work with several tutors on their panel, all of whom are well versed in their fields of study. Tutoring agencies check the background of all tutors hence only the best will find their way to teach. If your child wants to learn more than one subject then he can do it in one place instead of running to different places. It would be a wise choice to choose an agency that has online tutors in India.  

5. Involve your Child

Make sure to get your child involved in the process of choosing his tutor. While the final decision may be the parent’s, it would be nice to get inputs from the child. Ask your child what he would like in a tutor, try and make him understand the value of tuition and let him learn about your potential choices.

6. Progress Reports

A tutor that provides progress reports is surely a good one to go with. The learning process of a child must be a two-way street. One cannot just have the tutor teaching and teaching without evaluating the child’s progress. The student and parent must be updated about the academic progress. Feedback is necessary to make ideal progress. 

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7. View Policies

Check all sign-up policies with your tutor. It is important to list out what are the number of hours of tutoring, how many days a week, how many teachers are involved, what is the cancellation policy and so on. 

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