20 November 2021

Preparation Tips For CBSE Board Exams


Be it 2011 or 2021, Board Examinations have played an important role in the life of the students. After the Corona outbreak, numerous things have changed in the education sector, and it has affected learning in many ways. As schools and coaching centers were shut down, the students were sitting at their homes with no source of proper learning. They were physically drained with back-to-back online sessions and mentally exhausted with the constant pressure of balancing good grades and social life. They accepted this condition and began to live in the new norm of learning and education. With time, moderately, things began to gain their momentum back. As Corona cases started to drop down, we saw a shift in the schools, universities, and coaching institutions. 

Till now, the students were well-versed with the routine habit of attending online classes and giving online examinations, but the re-opening of the schools and a sudden announcement of offline examinations took a toll on the students’ life. Adding to the list, an important statement was given by CBSE regarding conducting two Board Exams for Class X and XII students, and with no surprise, this news became a grapevine among the students, teachers, and parents. 

If you are a Class X or XII student who is about to appear for his Board Exams, you might have been in a situation where you have been compared with “Sharma ji ka beta” by your relative or you have found yourself buried under the pile of parents expectations to score better. With this unexpected news, you might be feeling anxious, doubtful, and stressed to finish the syllabus on or before time. 

If yes, then read this blog to know what you can do to stay calm and score better in your CBSE Term 1 Board Exams. 

CBSE Exam Preparation Tips and Tricks

1. Utilise Your Time

The best way to prepare for your board exams is by knowing the importance of time. As of now, you are aware of the date-sheets, syllabus, and time duration of your Term 1 Boards. With this information, you can start taking your baby steps and must utilize your time. Make productive use of your morning and be attentive even during the night. Take every ticking hour as a reminder to study.

What you can do:

  • Take an hourglass and fix your time. 
  • Choose a topic to finish
  • Try to complete the given topic by the time sand completely settles down
  • Take 10 minutes break
  • Start the process again


2. Stop Being a Procrastinator

Ever felt that during exams, even a plain wall in the room looks interesting, and we skip our important lesson for the next day! Every student will relate to it as they have been in this situation. But, during your most crucial period, you should stop procrastinating and begin with your chapters one by one. Just give yourself a daily reminder that any delay with your lessons today will delay your goals tomorrow.

    What you can do:

    • Mentally prepare yourself for the tough fight
    • Start with what you have
    • Read and write your assignments
    • Keep yourself activated


    3. Make a Schedule

    Imagine you have decided to walk on a journey. What would be your first requirement? The answer would be a map! In the same manner, to start your preparation for your Board Exams journey, you will be requiring a proper and systematic schedule to cover your syllabus. 

    What you can do:

    • Make a time-table
    • Try to follow it as much as you can
    • Bind yourself to a 21-Day plan

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    4. Don’t Forget To Reward Yourself

    Sometimes, we don’t give ourselves enough credit for what we have done. At this period, even a smaller victory counts for bigger rewards. After completion of the tasks, reward yourself and celebrate your growth. It will make you stay connected to your goals and will keep your mental health sane. 

    What you can do:

    • Make a list of topics you need to cover in a day
    • Assign yourself the time duration (Refer to Point 1)
    • After completion of the task, take a green pen and put a tick mark in front of the task
    • At the end of the day, look at those green ticks, and reward yourself with a gentle pat or an ice cream or a twenty-one-minute sitcom. 


    5. Give Necessary Breaks to Refresh Your Mind

    Always remember that you are a human and not a machine. Your mind needs breaks and refreshments for proper functioning. Do not sabotage your mental peace by grinding more than your capacity. Allow yourself to breathe and calm your brain muscles for your own good. It will make you feel fresh and enthusiastic throughout the day. 

    What you can do:

    • Take a healthy morning or evening walk
    • Do meditation
    • Perform some stretching exercises while sitting in your study chair
    • Take deep breaths and perform inhaling and exhaling
    • Give a gentle oil massage to your head


    6. Never Compare

    Your friends should be your biggest supporters. You should never compare your strengths and weaknesses with your peers. Stay in your own lane and play your part right. Never be disheartened with someone else’s progress. 

    What you can do:

    • Try to avoid comparing yourself with the topper
    • Try to bring your energy to your study
    • Never be influenced with the bad peers
    • Try to bring more valuable discussions just like group discussions
    • Stick to your routine


    7. Take Help From Professionals

    If you find yourself stuck in not finishing the syllabus on time, try to find a tutor best suitable for your need. Professional help can guide you in solving your problems and completing your syllabus before time with enough time to revise. 

      What you can do:

      • List down the syllabus you are facing problems with
      • Find a tutor with a flexible timing approach
      • Ask your doubts
      • Revise more often


        With these tips and tricks, your half journey will be sorted. Try to bring balance to your studies and don’t become anxious. Every student has an inner capacity to go for what he desires. 

        All the best!

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