27 January 2024

Important Study Tips for Class 12 Students to Score Good Grades

One of the most crucial challenges for the students in their school life is ‘Board Examinations.’ Though after dealing with it in Class 10th, students are still apprehensive about clearing their Class 12th Boards. This period from receiving information about their registration to giving the  Board Examination is stressful and this situation makes them dreaded. They look for various home tuitions and online classes, their mind is occupied with multiple things, and they are stuck with a constant question, ‘how to score good marks in class 12?’ 

There is a great debate among the students and parents in figuring out the ways to score better in the examinations. Their half of the time is consumed by the Internet in knowing the study tips for class 12 students. And in such a case, their first option is tutoring. The extra guidance from the professionals is helpful for students to score better in exams. For this, there are many home tuitions and online classes in India that provide additional help. But apart from this, what are the other ways by which students can score better in Class 12th? In this blog, we will cover all the necessary points and study tips for students which will be beneficial for them in their Board Examinations.

Important Study Tips for Class 12 Students

1) A Positive Mindset is Important

There’s a common thing in both parents and their students who appear for Board Examination and that is their constant fear to surpass this dreadful situation with flying colors. It leads to panicking and building a stressful environment and this phase is not in their favor. By looking at such scenarios, the most vital study tip is to develop a positive mindset which will be helpful for their further preparation. As said, ‘Look out for the base, the entire building will be formed.’ In a similar manner, students and their respected parents must possess a positive mental attitude that will form a base for future achievements. A positive attitude is helpful in overcoming difficulties and boosting inner confidence.

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2) Make a Proper Plan

Before beginning your preparation, start making a plan to cover your syllabus. Maintain a study timetable and write down each and everything related to your course. Divide your subjects accordingly and assign them a time duration. You can also make a daily To-Do List for your short-term goals which will be helpful in completing the syllabus on time. You can utilize your early mornings for subject-wise revisions and evenings for group discussions. Note down every detail on that piece of paper and stick that in front of your study desk which will be clearly evident to your eyes. Making a proper schedule for your Board Examination will help you keep organized and avoid unnecessary confusion. Go according to your plan and you will notice that your syllabus will be completed on time.

3) Not a Week Without a Previous-Year Question Paper

The most important step with the preparation of the Board Examinations is not neglecting the previous year’s question papers. Solving them every week helps in knowing the insights of the paper pattern. Moreover, it helps in developing the habit of being consistent which helps in revising the syllabus on loop without giving any extra effort. You can get the previous year’s question papers either online or at any book shop and start making a habit of solving them every week. Assign yourself a specific day and set an alarm for 3 hours as per the CBSE Board Examination pattern. Try to feel that you are giving exams in real and self-analyze the paper after its completion.

4) Time Management is The Key

The most important part of the preparation is to manage your time. As a Class 12th student, you are already under pressure and every hour is precious. In order to get productive results, you must focus on managing your time. Divide your day into two halves and give them a tag of the short-term project and long-term project, and then plan your day accordingly. You can also use several time management techniques like Pomodoro Technique, Pareto Analysis, Eisenhower Matrix, etc. You can also use ancient techniques like putting an hourglass in front of you to avoid distractions. Utilize your day for productive and efficient results. Also, don’t forget to add breaks to your list.

5) Focus on Self-Evaluation

Self-evaluation starts with solving the sample papers, doing multiple revisions and group discussions, and having a habit of making flashcards. Moreover, you will be surprised to know that taking care of your handwriting is also helpful in scoring better. The well-structured answer is the first thing your examiner will see while checking the copies, so you should develop a habit of improving your handwriting. Furthermore, do not involve yourself in unhealthy competitions. It will demotivate you and will loosen your self-confidence. For memory retention and concentration, try to meditate. Have a look at the class notes, test questions, and pre-board papers to know more about the questions. These little self-evaluation practices will help you in scoring good grades.

These are some important tips to score good marks in your exams.

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