30 January 2024

Top 7 Tips To Complete Your Syllabus On Time

For students, completing the syllabus on time is a tough task. When exam time approaches, students are seen doing the xerox of the class notes, going to their peer’s houses for group discussion, asking last-minute unresolved doubts, and mugging up the entire syllabus without understanding the concept.

What if there were some useful tips that helped students finish the syllabus on time?

Sound interesting, right?

Well, it sure does.

There are some days on which students feel distracted from their study routine. If we see today’s scenario, then they are becoming lenient and not following a proper schedule. It can turn out to be a panic situation in future when their exam approaches.

So let’s break the anxious bubble and passivity and learn some useful tips that will help you cover your CBSE syllabus on time and score high marks. It will guide you with your study plan and help you make your own study routine so that you get to prepare for your examinations without running last minute and cramming your concepts to complete your entire syllabus in one night.

Let’s see what these useful tips are.

1) Take a look at your CBSE subjects and make a study plan

Without a study plan, completing the syllabus is a tough job. Take a look at your subjects one by one and make a timetable. Start from your morning and include every detail in it. Make a list of your strong and weak points and work on them accordingly. As you are starting to work on completing your syllabus much before your exams, then you have the time to analyse it. Stick this timetable in front of your study desk, which will remind you to complete it.

2) Start with the subject you like the most

The majority of students start with the subject they fear and find difficult, and in return, it does not give fruitful results to them.

Starting from the subjects you fear creates a sense of detachment from your study that simply delays your learning process. Hence, mentioning your strong and weak points in the timetable is a must. Along with this, start with the subject you like the most, as it will motivate you to do more. The subject you are already familiar with will be completed on time, and you will get enough time to revise.

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3) Write what you have learned

Writing is one of the most underrated exercises that help students to retain information for a longer duration. Pick one lesson, understand the concepts clearly and then write down the important pointers from it. Writing this will act as your flash card during your exam preparation and will retain your information precisely. Develop this habit of writing short notes in your pocket diary and use it accordingly.

4) Make your own questions

It is interconnected with the third tip. When you complete your lesson, try to form your own questions from it. As of now, exams are offline, and you need to develop the habit of writing your answers quickly to complete your paper on time. It will help you with completing the syllabus on time and developing the habit of writing the answers quickly. When you will prepare your own set of questions, then you will be familiar with the topic.

5) Go through old papers and class notes

When a teacher teaches you a particular topic in class, try to make notes of it as there is a 90% chance that this could be your question in the exam. Go through your old papers as it will help you find a pattern as to what type of questions are asked and you will be able to divide which lesson holds more percentage of scoring high marks.

6) Time Management is really important

Try to manage your time with different time management techniques and follow the timetable accordingly. Give yourself breaks in between, and then again start. Assign yourself a strategy to complete a particular chapter in an hour and try to follow that. Don’t forget to reward yourself after doing it as it will self-motivate you.

7) Take guidance from a personal home tutor

Guidance is a must to complete your syllabus. Hire a professional home tutor that can assist you to track your progress, make you understand your concepts, clear your doubts, and help to complete your CBSE syllabus on time.

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