14 October 2022

Private Home Tuition vs Group Tuition

Best is what all parents want for their kids, but at times it can be tricky to pick what’s best for your child, especially when it comes to education and teaching. Parents are concerned with giving their kids the best learning experience and the one thing that strikes their mind is ‘Tuition.’

With both private home tuition and group tuition, students are getting a new learning experience and becoming proficient with their concepts.

In this blog, we will talk about private home tuition and group tuition that will help you choose which is best for your child.

Starting from their positive point of view.

Private Home Tuition

Private tutoring is a more personal, one-on-one form of teaching.


  • Fewer distractions

There is no room for distraction because your child will be the only one there during the session and all of the attention will be focused on them and their studies. Nothing will allow them to fly away.

  • Flexibility

Private home tuition offers a lot of flexibility, including weekday and weekend availability of home tutors and the freedom to set your own schedule.

  • One-to-one attention

Private home tuition gives you one-on-one attention from the instructor, so you can ask any questions you want without feeling self-conscious or concerned that other group members will judge you.

  • Upper hand

One has the upper hand and total control over the topics covered in your classes, the amount of time spent on them, and the order in which they are covered.


  • Not pocket-friendly:

Private courses are frequently more expensive than group sessions because they offer more flexibility in scheduling. Private instructors bill a lot since they work at your convenience and give you individualised attention.

But with HomeGuru, this problem is taken care of. From giving personalised one-to-one learning to looking out for clearing the concepts as per student’s time and convenience, this learning platform solves the problem of giving tuition at an affordable range.

  • Safety Concern

Since only your child will be spending roughly 2-3 hours with the tutor, safety is a concern that involves both physical safety and the tutor’s ability to shape the young’s mind.

Henceforth, with HomeGuru, your child’s safety is taken care of. Before sending a tutor to your home, there is a strict verification process and background check of the tutor. This gives satisfaction that your child is in safe hands.

Group Tuition

Group tuition is when a tutor works with a set number of students in a setting similar to a classroom.


  • Increases task performance ability

While teaching, the tutor may ensure that everyone is on task and keep the lesson going forward. Keeping your child engaged and focused during classes can help them learn more efficiently.

  • Cost-effective

You can save money and time by taking group lessons, which is more inexpensive and convenient for you.

  • Socialisation

Your child will enhance their social skills and make new friends thanks to group lessons. When there are more students in the class, your child will also learn more quickly since they will often encourage one another to do better in class.

  • Reduces fear of public speaking

This can be the greatest choice for your child if they are timid or self-conscious when speaking in front of people.


  • The difference in speed

Because it is a group, the tutors keep a consistent pace of instruction and do not hold back for slow learners. They might not be capable of meeting each student’s unique learning speed.

As you can see, both private and group training has benefits and drawbacks. It will depend on what each kid wants out of their educational experience. Although there is no “one size fits all” answer, hopefully, this can aid some students in choosing the type of tuition they would like.

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