21 October 2022

A Complete Guide on How to Write an Essay

Looking for ways to enhance your essay writing skills, then you have found the right blog.

Essay writing is a form of creative writing that involves a fresh approach and practice to learn and adapt to the process. If you are a college student, then you must have encountered essay writing during your school time. If someone is still in their school days, then they must be well-versed in essay writing.

If you are keen to know the basics of essay writing, then this blog is for you.

First, let’s understand what an essay is.

An essay is a short piece of writing in which the author has the freedom to think and write on the given topic or the topic of their interest but in the majority their definition is vague. Through essays, the author can throw their own argument.

There are mainly two types of essays; formal and informal. In formal essay writing, there is a discussion about any serious purpose or organisation. In informal writing, the topic can be self-chosen based on the author’s taste, ideas, and experiences.

Now let’s get a deeper understanding of how to write an essay

Think of a topic that is relevant and resonates with you. Start from here.

Before writing on the paper, think of the ideas in mind. After finalising the topic, think of writing in favour or against. Start thinking of pointers accordingly. Make a rough draft or outline for your essay. Do proper research on your topic and be prepared with the pointers in your mind.

Divide your essay into three sections

The first is the introductory paragraph which gives brief information about the essay. The second is the body of the essay which is the most important part. The third is the conclusion that informs the audience to take the action.

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The introduction

Try to write your introduction in the most simple but effective manner. Bring out the problem statement at the beginning of your paragraph and try to resolve it by the end. Give a hint of solutions at the start but do not provide the entire information. Make your introduction strong and impactful. Try to keep all the main points at the start.

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The body

The body is the main essence of your essay where all the answers lie. Try to give answers to the problems in a descriptive manner and discuss your ideas thoroughly. Be prepared for what you know and how you will write that on paper. Don’t hesitate to write all your ideas precisely. Try to make it engaging, interactive and readable. Try to give a summary briefly.

The conclusion

It should mention the final answers and a strong statement to the questions raised in the introduction. It should include all the main points of your essay altogether. Don’t try to write new ideas in the conclusion. Your ending should make sense and resonate with the reader to take some action.

Focus on Paragraphs

Organise your essay into paragraphs as it is easier for the reader to understand the context. It helps with the proper formatting and structuring of your essay. Your main idea is written in the topic sentence followed by your argument which is known as the thesis.

Try to divide your essay paragraphs with the words like Moreover, furthermore, however, etc. Use quotations and sayings to make it more strong and more appealing. The use of statistics and study references will do wonders.

By looking at these pointers, you can start working on your main idea. Try to follow these steps and write an impressive essay.

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