26 October 2022

Top easy ways to finish the homework faster

For students, homework and assignments are their frenemies. One cannot escape from it even when one wants to. Many parents complain about the same old concept, ‘our child never finishes homework on time.’

What can be the root cause of it?

If we look at the pattern of the students, they wake up early in the morning to go to their respective schools and come back around the afternoon. They get mentally drained and want to play and do their fun activities as much as they can. Because of this, doing homework feels like a big challenge.

Some avoid doing it and some delay it to the next hour. Overall, the majority of the students are slow to finish their homework on time.

If you are a parent reading this and wondering what measures can be taken up so that your child finishes the homework on time, then this blog is for you.

Top ways to finish the homework faster

1) Make a habit of noting down everything

Start by making a list of all the subjects they got homework in and ask them to write it down on a single piece of paper. Stick that paper in front of their study desk so that they know that apart from playing and doing fun activities, this is added to their to-do list.

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2) Start with your favourite subject

Every student has their favourite subject. So ask them to start their homework with that. It will give benefits. First, the child will feel interested to do the task and second, the homework will be completed on time. If he or she does not get homework in their favourite subject, ask them or choose their second favourite. And follow the hierarchy.

3) Give proper time to each subject

If your child has received homework in multiple subjects, then don’t be in a rush. Avoid switching from one to another quickly. Give proper time to each subject. Try to follow it and then switch to another. For this, you can follow many time management techniques.

4) Don’t forget to take breaks

As students want to finish their homework on time, sometimes, they don’t take break-in between. Ask them to take a break after finishing homework for one subject. Do not extend the break duration by more than 10 minutes. It will refresh the mind of the students and they will not feel lethargic.

5) Believe in rewards

Tell your child that after finishing the homework, they can get their favourite thing. Reward them for their achievement. It will make them more productive and when their work will be admired and recognised, then their efficiency will also increase. In return, the homework will be completed faster.

6) Take guidance from the Professional Home Tutor

Sometimes students are not well-versed in the subject. For example, they might learn the chapters in English but they cannot mug up their Math formulae. For this, they need to be clear with the concepts and only then can they finish their homework fast. For this, a professional and experienced home tutor can help with the same.

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