9 November 2022

Top 5 Ways To Connect With Your Students in Home Tutoring

Teaching is not a one-time profession. It is a wholesome journey of teaching and connecting with the students that involve practice, perseverance, and patience. When a professional tutor teaches about any subject and guides you to build a better future, he or she is not only making your professional life better but also making a lifetime bond that stays.

You must have seen a student appreciating his home tutor for being kind towards him and showering him with words of encouragement.

These are some instances that show that students connect with tutors on a personal level and they remember it for their life. Listening to some positive words from their tutors can ignite the fuel of passion in them.

What do you think about the concept of a favourite tutor that still holds a strong bond and relationship?

The truth lies in the fact that tutors have the power to connect with students on personal, emotional, and mental levels. They have a sense of understanding students, which makes their personal and professional relations strong.

If you are a tutor who is looking to expand your personal connections with students, then this blog will help you do it.

It will talk about the ways through which you can connect with students while doing home tutoring and how it can be helpful for both of you mutually. Teachers need to develop a sense of responsibility towards their students that can make them more grounded and successful in their endeavours.

Let’s see what these pointers are and how tutors can connect with the students.

Teacher-Student Relationship

1) Be calm and composed

There is a sense of encouragement seen within the students when they witness that someone is being calm with them. To connect with the student on a personal level, try to be calm and composed. Make your first impression warm and amiable. If you are giving your demo session at their home, make your student comfortable at first and then begin with your class. Be patient with them and maintain an amicable aura.

2) Listen to their minute details

The main job of a tutor is to deliver his or her lecture and make the student understand the concepts clearly. In the majority, it’s the former who speaks and the latter who listens. But if you need to connect with your student, then develop the habit of listening to their side of the story, too. Students have a lot to say. Sometimes, it is about their academic achievement and sometimes about their personal information. To connect with them, you need to lend your ears. It will definitely help a lot.

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3) Offer options and choices for them

The best part about home tutoring is that you can give choices and new options to the students and then they can decide what to choose and what not. Mostly, the classes range from one-two hour. During that duration, you can ask them if they are liking the textbook method or if they need to switch to more of an infographic side. Anything that suits or resonates with their studying pattern can be delivered to them. It will assure them that someone is there to guide and lead them properly. It will increase their implication, and they will be committed to the moment.

4) Don’t be judgemental

Every student is unique and has a different learning and retention pattern. If you are giving home tuition to them, show a keen interest in whether they are understanding the concept or not. Don’t be too picky and judgmental towards them. Try to find out what are their interests, about the subjects they like the most, about the subjects they are weak in, their strong points etc.

5) Give rewards to them

Maintaining discipline is a must but a few kind words would help you connect with the students easily. There is a quote, “a person who is appreciated will always do more than expected.”

So try to appreciate them for doing their work and assignments. Project and evaluate their growth and become a companion in their learning journey. Align a task to them, guide and lead their ways and reward them for its successful completion. A few kind words can do wonders in their lives.

So these are the five easiest ways through which you can connect with your students and build a positive student-teacher relationship.

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