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Since the onset of COVID-19, there has been an exponential rise in the number of students who are willing to take up online classes. This in turn reflects the growing popularity of online tuition. Whether you want to excel in your academics or you discover something new; it is a flexible approach delivered right at your doorstep. With the main aim of enabling learning anything from anywhere, online tuition provided by HomeGuru has become a favorite choice for students when they initially search for online tuition in India.

What is Online Tuition?

Online tutoring, also known as online tutoring or e-tutoring, is a mode of education when the delivery of instruction or tutoring is carried out online, either through the web or electronic means. The learner gets personalized tutorials or instruction from a skilled teacher or mentor specializing in the required subject through which they interact with the tutor online via video conferencing, online whiteboards, chat, or other virtual platforms.

Benefits of Online Tuition

1) Flexibility and Convenience

Online tuition opens up new possibilities wherein students need not attend classes physically; instead, they access course material through an online learning platform, facilitating access from their homes or anywhere else. Online learning enables you to choose the number of study hours according to your availability.

2) Diverse Course Selection

Online learning platforms offer a wide range of courses to choose from, allowing you to excel in the field of your interest. One can learn anything starting from math and science to music, dance, robotics, and much more, as the list of courses offered is extensive.

3) Increased Accessibility

Students facing various challenges that include physical disabilities, geographic restrictions, or other limitations sometimes face obstacles in receiving a traditional education. These barriers are removed by online tuition, making it more widely available.

4) Interactive Learning Environment

Online tuition overcomes the constraints of conventional classroom settings by utilizing the interactive tools, which also motivates students to actively engage in their education with the top online tutors.

Affordable Online Tuition for Different Educational Boards

HomeGuru offers online tuition for the following educational boards:

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