24 March 2022

The Top Foreign Languages To Learn in India

Learning a foreign language is always fascinating. When you begin to learn and speak a different language, you expand your horizon of learning and also experience a new culture and tradition.

Learning a Foreign Language: Opening new opportunities

Learning a foreign language may not only be a side hobby or an idea of interest but may also be beneficial for successful career opportunities in and outside India.

In today’s time, when technology is at its peak, and young individuals are getting smarter, learning another language is like a golden gate for a professional career.

Be it preparing for any competitive exam or developing a practice of a new skill, having a strong command of a foreign language boosts confidence and prepares one for a successful future.

Benefits of learning a foreign language:
  • It prepares you for great career opportunities in the future. If you know another language, then it becomes easy for you to seek a job in or outside India.
  • It creates a good impression on your professional resume. If you have learned a foreign language, and you add it to your curriculum vitae, then it leaves a positive impression on the judging panel, and the chances of you getting a job increase.
  • It helps to develop cognitive functions. When you try to learn another language, the mind performs multiple tasks easily thereby increasing the mental ability.
  • It lets you understand the cultures and traditions of different countries. When you begin to learn a foreign language, you take a closer look at the other side of the world.
  • It assists in boosting your social, communication, and behavioral skills.

In India, after every 100 miles, a language changes. With the increasing demand in development, multilingual talent is also at its peak. If we look at the earlier times, learning English was like climbing a mountain, but with time, we saw an increase in the development and opportunities for learning new languages that let you seek new job opportunities and earn profit.

With a lot of useful resources and newer developments and advancements, you can learn a foreign language anywhere and anytime.

But the question arises- Which foreign language to learn?

Once you decide to learn another language, the question that comes to your mind is which foreign language to begin with?

Maybe the German language fascinates you because your friend is learning it, or maybe, you want to explore the French language because you are thinking of settling down in France. There could be multiple reasons around you that can confuse you on choosing which foreign language is the best for you to learn?

But, worry not!

In this blog, we have compiled a list of the top 7 foreign languages that can open many job opportunities and benefit you in the near future.

Let’s have a look at them.

  2. About the language: As per Wikipedia, it is the world’s fourth most spoken language after English, Mandarin Chinese, and Hindi. As per studies, 463 million people speak Spanish as a native language, and many answers from Quora Digest mention that more than 400 million people are learning Spanish in India every year.

    Why should you learn the Spanish language?
    • To get a job in Spain: If you are looking for any job opportunity in Spain (Madrid), then learning the native language can be beneficial for you. It can increase your chance of getting the job.
    • To explore career in Enterprises: If you want to explore the enterprising career; Business Manager, Sales, and Purchasing, Hospitality, Legal Practice, and Support, Business Administration.
    • To seek jobs in the field of agriculture. For global economic benefits and agriculture advancements in India, the Spanish language plays a vital role. If you know this language, then your chances of pulling off interactions and jobs in the agriculture field can increase.
    • To become a successful translator, tutor, or interpreter. If you learn this language, you can transfer your knowledge to others by becoming a tutor or can become a translator.
  4. About the language: It is the 9th most spoken language and has 250 million native speakers. An academic study ranked Portuguese as one of the 10 most influential languages in the world. There are approximately 300000 Portuguese speakers in India.

    (Source: Wikipedia Search)

    Why should you learn the Portuguese language?
    • To try your hands in the field of Finance and Technology Department. If you learn this language, then it can land you a job in the categories mentioned above.
    • To have an intellectual traveling experience. If you want to travel to Brazil, then knowing the native language can make your traveling experience easy and fun.
    • To get high-paid jobs in the Iron and Steel marketplace, Textile and Machinery industry.
    • To get a deeper understanding of romance and art. As Portuguese is one of the romantic languages, learning its art and poetic forms can give you joy and contentment.
  6. About the language: It is spoken by 85 million individuals worldwide. It is known as the language of music and is widespread in the arts and the food market.

    Why should you learn the Italian language?
    • To try your artistic expertise in the field of music. As it is one of the languages of music, it can help explore the depth of music, and make career with the same.
    • To have a successful career as a chef. As the Italian language is popular in the food market, you can try new recipes and explore exquisite Italian cuisine across the globe.
    • To explore a career in the Fashion industry. Heard of ‘Milan Fashion Week?’ It is one of the most renowned fashion shows happening in one of the fashion capitals of the world. By learning the Italian language, you can try nuances in fashion and meet international fashion icons across the globe and form new connections.
    • To move forward in the E-commerce business. E-commerce business is dominated by Italy and when you learn this language, it opens many business portals for you.
    • To try a career in Pharmaceuticals, clothing, and Automotive vehicles.
  8. About the language: It is one of the major languages of the world. It has around 95 million native speakers, and 75-100 million speak it as a foreign language. This language is part of Indo-European languages; hence, it is easier to understand because many words are similar to the English language.

    Why should you learn the German language?
    • To explore your career in the field of philosophy, theology, science, and technology.
    • To become a website writer. The homepage of most websites is in the English language. But, German is one of the most widely used languages on websites too.
    • To explore further studies in Germany. Learning this language can help you to open higher studying opportunities abroad.
    • To become proficient as a translator or an interpreter.
    • To look for jobs in the Travel, tourism, and hospitality industry.
  10. About the language: It is one of the official languages in 29 countries across multiple continents. It has around 76.8 million speakers worldwide.

    Why should you learn the French language?
    • To walk confidently with the smart-paced world. A study by Forbes states that by 2050, the French language would become the most-spoken language in the world. Hence, it is one of the greatest opportunities for you to learn and speak it efficiently.
    • To get well-paid jobs in the Travel and Tourism, Hospitality industry, Multinational Companies (MNCs), KPO, Export firms.
    • To build career as a lecturer, corporate trainer, or translator.
    • To take your studies to higher levels. France opens many studying opportunities for the students; hence, by learning this language, you can get admission to any of the schools or universities in France.
    • To get a job in foreign embassies.
  12. About the language: It is one of the Indo-European languages and has around 258 million speakers worldwide. It is the world’s seventh-most spoken language by the number of native speakers, and the world’s eighth-most spoken language by the total number of speakers.

    (Source: Wikipedia Search)

    Why should you learn the Russian language?
    • To seek job opportunities in the global market. Learning this language can help you have a smart interaction with Russian investors.
    • To get a strong command of Russian culture and heritage. If you learn this language, you get to know about the literature and artwork of the country.
    • To explore opportunities for higher studies. Be it medical or any other professional course, learning this language helps you explore further.
  14. About the language: It is the 5th most spoken language with around 425 million native and non-native speakers. This language carries an Islamic identity and is considered a sacred language. In India, it is taught mostly in the Northern part of the world.

    Why should you study the Arabic language?
    • To understand Eastern history and the Arab world. Learning the Arabic language lets you explore ancient history in a better way.
    • To explore different horizons and dimensions of the poetic world.
    • To explore your career in international businesses and foreign markets.
    • To get a deeper understanding of spiritualism. The most interesting thing about this language is that it is the language of the Holy Quran, and if you learn this, you get a deeper understanding of sacred spirituality.
  • SPANISH: DELE (Los Diplomas de Español Como Lengua Extranjera) and SIELE (Servicio Internacional de Evaluación de la Lengua Española)
  • Source: StudyFrenchSpanish.Com

  • PORTUGUESE: CAPLE (Centro de Avaliação de Português Língua Estrangeira or Centre for Evaluation of Portuguese as a Foreign Language)
  • Source: Wikipedia of CAPLE

  • ITALIAN: The CILS Exam (Certificazione di Italiano come Lingua Straniera, Certification of Italian as a Foreign Language)
  • Source: Coventry.UK

  • GERMAN: The Goethe-Institut or Max Mueller Bhavan in India conducts the Zertifikat Deutsch exam at SIX centers in Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi, and Pune.
  • Source: StudyFrenchSpanish.com

  • FRENCH: DELF/DALF certification tests
  • Source: Languagenext.com

  • RUSSIAN: TORFL Exam (Test of Russian as a Foreign Language)
  • Source: RussiaStudy.com

  • ARABIC: Arab Academy’s Arabic Language Proficiency Test (ALPT)
  • Source: ArabAcademy.com

After finding the numerous options of which foreign language to choose and learn, you can write down a list of each benefit that suits your requirements.

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