16 March 2022

Top 10 Reasons Why Dance Classes are the Best for Children

‘Why waste your time overthinking about anything when you can dance it out?’

Dancing is one of the best ways to explore your creative footsteps. It synchronizes your mind, body, and spirit altogether and lets you breathe positive energy. Dancing is one of the creative learnings that invoke your inner chakras and puts you in a delirious happy state.

Have you ever heard stories from your children when they talked about particular music they like and shared their favorite dance forms?

Have you seen them dancing in any school function or family get-together, and it made them happy from within? Have you seen a smile on their faces after doing the hook-steps from their favorite songs?

If the above answers are yes, then you must know how important dance is! Not simply in context to an extra-curricular activity, but also as a future career.

For your children, extra-curricular activities are equally important as their academic courses.

Extra-Curricular Activities v/s Co-Curricular Activities

The activities which are bound with the curriculum of the school are titled co-curricular activities. They are minorly connected with academic learning and are helpful to upgrade your child’s academic performance. For example, science fair projects, drama rehearsals, theater, drama, literary events, debate competitions, quizzes, etc are a part of co-curricular activities.

The activities that are governed by the school but are not connected to academic learning or show no effect on the grades are titled extra-curricular activities. These activities help in boosting your child’s confidence and carve their behavior accordingly. For example, singing, dancing, music, sports, slam poetry, etc are a few examples of the same.

Incorporate Dance Routine- Dancing is good for your child

The most important characteristic of children is that they are receptive to change. They are full of energy and are keen learners. Their inquisitive nature and enthusiastic spirit allow them to explore the depths of learning.

If a creative form of learning like dancing is incorporated into their lives at an early age, then it can bring many benefits to their lives.

From becoming emotionally stable to forming a relaxed mindset, dance lets your children connect to their inner selves. It is one of the vital extra-curricular activities that utilize their mind and every bodily moment to the core that can bring a positive impact in their lives.

“It is time to let your children dance on the beats of the music.
It is time to let their passion groove.”

In this blog, we have covered the top ten reasons why dance is important for your children and why you should enroll them in dance classes?

Benefits of Dance Classes

1. It Keeps your Children Physically Fit

There is no doubt in the fact that dancing is one of the best physical exercises. It helps in improving muscle tone and increasing stamina. If you enroll your children to dance classes, then it can enhance their physical structure and make them physically active and fit.

Some studies suggest that dancing five times a week makes your body charged up, and the release of excessive sweat helps in reducing weight. If this routine is incorporated into your children’s daily schedule, then it can help them maintain a physically healthy lifestyle. Different forms of dancing like Aerobic exercises, Zumba, Hip-Hop, etc can do justice to it.

2. It Boosts Mental Health 

Mental Health is one of the most crucial elements for children. Some studies have found that children at an early age are diagnosed with depression and anxiety which does not let them do anything. They become distant from their peers and family members, and it has a bad impact on their academic performance. Apart from counseling, dance classes are one of the best ways to keep their mental health sane.

Scientifically, while dancing, your body releases dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins hormones that are responsible for happiness. Hence, dancing daily can make your children feel happy and stabilize their mood swings and improve their mental well-being.

3. It Enhances Emotional Wellness

In the majority, children are expressive beings. From being angry to happy to sad, they express every emotion. But after a certain point of time, this quality begins to reduce. Be it academic tension or not coping with the environment, the reason could be anything for hiding their emotions, and it leads to keeping things to themselves. But, if you assign a new routine into their lives like dancing, then it can enhance their emotional wellness.

Dancing is one of the therapeutic exercises that improve their emotional stability. From learning about the footwork to working on the coordination to learning the insights of different dance forms, it is an emotion in itself that builds the emotional quotient of your children.

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4. It Improves Social and Behavioral Skills

Socializing and having strong communication skills are important assets for children. It lets them become their best versions. From expressing their point of view in a group discussion to interacting in the class to solve their doubts, social skills play an important role in shaping your child’s overall personality.

With dance, this quality can be outshined and can improve your child’s social and behavioral skills. Dancing teaches discipline, and when your children sign up for the dance classes, they learn how to synchronize in a group. Through this, they learn how a team works. It improves their confidence and reduces social anxiety. It lets them meet new dance peers and helps them make new friends.

5. It Improves Creativity

Through dancing, your children engage in fun and creative learning. It lets them explore the depths of creativity and challenge their inner artistic skills. There are many dance forms like Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Modern Dance, Contemporary, Bollywood Dance, Locking and Popping, Clog Dancing, African Dance, Folk Dance, etc, and they can choose any of it, and enhance their creativity.

It is one of the smartest ways to incorporate a creative form of learning into their daily schedule. Through dancing, their imagination flows which was stagnant before and it in return, improves their motor skills. It enhances the right side of the brain which is responsible for creative and artistic skills. It tends to develop their vision and boosts their memory. With every choreography lesson, your child’s cognitive ability is developed.

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6. It Improves Balance and Promotes Stability

By dancing, your child learns to develop proper postures. While dancing, not only your children’s feet are working, but their entire body is in motion. From being mentally focused on learning difficult steps to adapting to a learning environment, they become aware of their body.

Dancing improves your child’s balance and enhances coordination. It strengthens the muscles of your child’s lower leg and ankles which plays a major role in promoting stability.

7. It Develops Spatial Awareness in your Child

Spatial Awareness is one of the skills which let all the dancers understand the importance of spaces around them. From dancing indoors to dancing in an open space, spatial awareness is an important factor to know about the surroundings.

Through constant practice, your child becomes aware of the surroundings and the peripheral vision is enhanced. Through this, children become aware of the closed and open spaces, along with the dangers. It helps in maintaining your child’s personal space.

8. It Increases Self-Confidence

When your children start to take dance lessons, they become socially active. They come out of their comfort zone and explore a different outer world. Their shyness is reduced, and they are exposed to new individuals. Learning new steps and adapting to a different choreography and performing it in front of an audience is not an easy task, but after practicing, they become confident.

Dancing helps in improving your child’s self-confidence. Some studies have suggested that it lets your child build a positive image of himself. Your child feels confident, and it also improves academic performance.

9. It Builds Teamwork

Dance lets your child build teamwork. It creates a sense of responsibility which in return makes your children trust their teammates. Apart from solo dancing, your children learn how to act in a group dance. It creates healthy communication between the peers, which makes them understand each other.

Through dancing, there is a mutual understanding of exchanging each other’s strengths and weaknesses. It develops the ability of trust, and your children become more responsible toward their duties.

10. It Promotes Prolonged Learning

Dancing makes your child a learner. From understanding different dance patterns to learning different moves, it promotes prolonged learning. It incorporates fun and enjoyment in your child’s life that is essential for overall development.

Through dancing, three P’s are strongly built; Practice, Patience, and Perseverance.

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