26 February 2022

Online Hindi classes : Top 7 Best ways to learn Hindi

If we ask you, ‘can you recite alphabets in English without taking a break?’ our answer would be, ‘Are you kidding? Of course! It is so easy.’ And without any hesitation, you would speak out the alphabet along with the rhyme for fun.

But what if we ask you to recite words from Hindi Varnamala (Alphabet letters in the Hindi Language)?

We know you could, but it would not be that fluent in comparison to English alphabets.

You can try it out.

At some point, you will pause for a moment and then begin again.

What could be the reason behind it?

Before knowing the possible reasons for it. Let’s understand the Hindi Language. The Hindi language is spoken by 260 million people in India, and it is the fourth most spoken language in the world.

It is different in terms of tone, grammar, and basics when compared to English or any other language. From your earlier school days, you were focused more on speaking English fluently, and there was nothing wrong with it. It is one of the smartest ways to walk confidently in today’s world. But this constant practice of focusing more on one language made you distant from other languages including Hindi.

Reasons why learning the Hindi language is difficult?

  • The major reason could be not having the basics clear from the start. Be it learning the Varnamala (Swar and Vyanjan) or not practicing it daily, these little distractions from the beginning made you distant from understanding it.
  • Unlike other languages, the Hindi language requires extra attention. But not following its practice and

    not paying attention

    from the start has led to difficulty in understanding it.

  • Being ignorant of the Hindi language earlier can also be one of the factors in not understanding this language easily.
  • Not doing enough practice in comparison to studying and practicing English can be a reason for difficulty with comprehension.
  • If you live outside India, then not being adapted to the environment and surroundings that speak the same language can be one of the prime reasons for finding the Hindi language difficult to speak, learn and understand.

Though there are many speakers of Hindi, still for many of you, it is a challenging language to learn.

Reasons why you should learn the Hindi Language?


Learning the Hindi language connects you back to Indian culture and tradition. It lets you explore the depths of Indian Art, music, and literature. By reading, listening, and understanding the long-lost concepts, you get connected to your Indian roots. There are numerous knowledgeable and insightful Upanishads (Scriptures) and Sahityak Gyaan (Literary composition), Kavitaaein (Poems) written by foremost Literary writers and poets like Kalidas, Munshi Premchand, Mahadevi Verma, Sumitranandan Pant, Subhadra Kumari Chauhan, etc that gives you wisdom and knowledge.

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If you learn a second language like Hindi, it will help in opening various career opportunities. By learning this language, you can opt for various career options like opting for a career in mass media and becoming a journalist for a Hindi channel, sports Hindi writer, Author of Hindi books, Hindi Translator, and tutor who teaches Hindi by either giving home tuitions or online Hindi classes. It helps in exploring various opportunities by living in India.


Learning the Hindi language is useful in connecting you to different people across different regions. It helps in building a networking community that makes you aware of outer surroundings. If you build the habit of speaking the Hindi language, it will be easier for you while traveling. Most of the time, people might not know how to speak fluently in English, and Hindi is the common language that helps to connect you to different people. It helps in adapting to a new environment which lets you look at the other side of the world.


The Hindi language is a popular language that has the potential to bring individuals together. It is one of the smartest ways to make new friends and develop your communication and social skills. It makes you confident and it enhances your behavior. If you are a student living away from India, then learning this language can help you with exploring many opportunities in India.


It has been proven that learning a second language helps in the proper functioning of your brain. It lets you multitask and enhances your cognitive functions. Being involved with learning any second language and practicing it daily can help you with boosting your memory and retention power. It is helpful in improving your hearing and listening skills as well.

After knowing its benefits and understanding the reasons you become distant from learning Hindi, let’s find out some useful and interesting ways to become eloquent in speaking Hindi and understanding it efficiently.

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6 Effective Ways to Learn the Hindi Language:


In today’s time, technology acts as the biggest savior. Hence, you can learn the Hindi language with its help.

      • Search online Hindi novels written by famous Hindi Authors to understand their depth. Try to incorporate a fun way of learning through reading books.
      • Watch classic shows and movies in Hindi to enhance creative learning. You can also watch the late 70s and 80s movies for parallel entertainment.
      • Hindi podcasts and songs can be helpful for you for better learning.
      • Hindi news channels that contains information or any other informative show on TV can also be helpful for effective learning.


If you are a keen learner and want to become eloquent in speaking Hindi, in such a case, a Hindi Dictionary (Hindi Shabdkosh) is a helpful tool.

      • Take a pocket Hindi Dictionary and mark important daily words.
      • Can always take help from Google Hindi Dictionary anytime and anywhere.
      • Download Mobile Application for learning Hindi words and improving your vocabulary.


Making your own notes in your own words is the most underrated yet the most powerful learning technique.

      • After reading a book or watching a movie, write down the list of words you find interesting.
      • Make your own list of words that you want to use in day-to-day life.
      • Make a list of meaningful Idioms and Proverbs.
      • Try to understand Hindi Grammar by writing it down in your notes.


The interesting thing about Hindi is its simplicity. You can enhance your Hindi speaking skills by speaking it as much as you can.

      • Take a newspaper, select any headline, and start reading it out. After a while, read the same headline in front of the mirror.
      • Try to talk to Indian poets and authors who are efficient in the Hindi language while connecting with them on Club House or any other virtual event.
      • Assign a fixed half-an-hour time to yourself before going to bed for revising the concept of Hindi (includes Grammar) and try to speak it.

Learn 5 new words of Hindi daily and try to use them in your day-to-day conversation.


Reading is always incomplete without writing. The common challenge faced by individuals who are trying to learn this language comes in its writing format. The spellings and vowel diacritics (Hindi Matra) are a bit difficult and can be learned with the help of practicing them.

      • Start with writing your name in Hindi. Then, write your family, close friends, loved ones, professional colleagues’ names too.
      • Write down the Hindi proverbs and idioms you learned.
      • Write down the summary of a movie you watched in Hindi.
      • Work on your mistakes and learn from them.


If after following all the above-mentioned steps, you are not satisfied with your performance, then hiring a private tutor for Hindi classes is a beneficial and most important choice.

    • You can go online and search for the best online Hindi classes tutors and start learning.
    • You can also opt for Hindi Diploma courses.
    • You can choose home tuition for learning it.

With practice and dedication, this language can be learned in a fun way.

If you are looking to upscaling your Hindi speaking skills or learning the Hindi language from the basics, then visit www.homeguruworld.com. Here, you will find various other non-academic courses that will take your creative learning to another level.

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