18 February 2022

Top 12 Do’s and Don’ts of Online Classes: A step towards new way of learning

After the covid-19 outbreak, the education sector inclined more towards digital learning, and with the blink of an eye, it became the new norm. In today’s time, Online Education and E-Learning are a matter of the moment. From online academic classes to various non-academic courses, digital education has so much to offer. 

# Online World: To Learn, Expand, and Grow

‘Am I audible?’ 

Relatable dialogue, right?

If we look at our current lifestyle, the above-mentioned dialogue is the most common thing we hear or say every morning. Though things are improving and schools are reopening, online learning is still the ace of spades. Nowadays, many students are opting for online courses.

Moreover, online classes are helping students to develop their communication, social, and behavioral skills. Because of the digital technology, the students get exposed to various options that are beneficial for them. It is not only offering versatility but also opportunities. 

It is proffering creative learning that has shown positive results. For learners of any age, online learning is becoming a place to learn, grow, and expand. 

Because it is one of the most-hyped new ways of learning, we should know some basic etiquette of attending online classes. Just like a physical classroom has rules and regulations, there is an inner decorum of an online classroom that is need to be maintained. 

Let’s find out how we should maintain the decorum of the online classroom? 

DO’s of Online Learning Classes

1) We should check our system:

How many times has it happened that during an important online session, there was some error with the network connection? Now, imagine, what if this problem occurred during any online exam! 

We all have been through this situation.

Hence, to avoid such network conflict, we should always check our Internet connectivity.

  • If possible, Wifi connections are the best option.
  • Sit near the Wifi router.
  • If there is an electricity shortage, saving mobile data is a smart option.
  • In between the class, if any problem occurs, we should know how to troubleshoot the program.

2) We should become attentive before time

Joining the online class 5-7 minutes early prepares our mind for the class, and we become aware of our surroundings. 

  • We should log in to the system beforehand and check our surroundings.
  • We should inform our family members to keep their sounds low.
  • We should choose a peaceful environment to attend the lecture so that we don’t get distracted. 
  • We should lock the door and make our bed presentable in front of the tutor.
  • We should make a suitable learning environment before turning on the classes.

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3) We should prepare for the topic beforehand

Along with logging in, preparing for the topic before the class start is equally important. Taking a glance at the topic before it starts helps in understanding it in a better way. It makes us attentive throughout the lecture and prevents us from getting bored. 

It makes us stick to the class for the long run and increases our interest. It also gives a positive impression on the teacher that brings a healthy discussion to the table.

  • We should take a look at the topic to have a rough overview.
  • If it is a non-academic course, for example, Yoga, then we should know the basic asanas beforehand.
  • We should make rough notes on a single page about the topic.
  • We should write down the list of questions we faced while going through it. What it will do is, when we will learn about the topic in the online lecture, most of our written problems will be solved, and we will be able to retain the information properly. 

4) We should show participation during the lecture

A monotonous single-way communication lecture is similar to talking to a wall. We should be interactive during the session and show maximum participation to learn and understand the topic in a better way. 

“The man who asks a question is a fool for a minute, the man who does not ask is a fool for life.”

  • The positive participation begins with turning on our camera. When we look at the faces of our classmates and teachers, subconsciously, it makes us feel we are in the physical classroom. 
  • We should pay attention to what the teacher is saying and try to grab the most of it.
  • Listening and discussing the topic are the two top elements for better understanding. It is proved that through discussion, 50% of our retention power increases, and we can store the learned information for a longer run. 
  • We should ask questions to clear all our doubts. 

5) We should take gaps in between

Even the scientists have confirmed that taking regular intervals of a break during work and study has proved to be shown productive results. Our brain works 24×7, and it is not a machine. It needs some rest to work in a better way. Hence, a break after the session ends is a must. 

  • We should listen to our favorite music to refresh our minds. 
  • Our favorite snack and munchkin is always the icing on the cake. 
  • During the break, we can stretch our muscles or do a 10-15 minutes walk. 
  • A 5-minute fun conversation always comes in handy. 

6) We should make use of the digital learning

Digital media has taken all over the places, and as learners, we should not miss any of it. We should make digital technology a part of our daily lives for better learning.

  • Ask teachers to incorporate digital boards for difficult Mathematic Equations or Physics Formula. 
  • We should take help from reliable YouTube videos for gaining more insights into the topic. As learners, we must focus on trusted YouTube channels that are informative and trustworthy. Many of the well-experienced tutors are teaching online and they can be a great help to us. 
  • We should learn from infographics and demonstrations to understand it better. 

After knowing about the do’s of online classes, let’s understand the don’ts for the same. 

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Don’ts of Online Learning Classes

There are a few rules of learning in online classes and we must not break them in order to make the online learning process smooth and productive. 

1) We should not disrespect our tutors or batchmates

“Empathy is the medicine this world needs the most.”

After the new norm came into our daily routine, it was difficult for both students and teachers to accept this situation. We saw many cases where students bullied their classmates and made fun of the teachers for not understanding the technology, and this is something we should not follow. 

  • We should use an appropriate username for our online sessions.
  • Basic mannerism and civil attitude are a must to follow. 
  • Being empathetic toward our batch mates is an act of kindness we must do. 

2) We should not blame the technology

Being a student, we tend to blame technology if we don’t want to attend the lecture. 

How many times has it happened that our assignment was not finished on time, and during the submission, we turned off the camera and audio to not get scolded for it? 

Yes, it might have happened. 

  • We should often not do this. No regrets, but no repeats. 
  • We should be prepared for the outcome and not blame the situation or technology. 
  • We should be true to ourselves and our work. It will only take us forward. 

3) We should not procrastinate

How many times has it happened that we receive the email regarding an online classes timetable or a WhatsApp message for the same, and simply because of our procrastination, we avoid that mail, and it turns out to be an important reminder for us? 

  • We should always check our emails, reminders, and messages for the online classes.
  • We should not delay our work because of our procrastinating habit. 
  • If we have submitted an assignment, and if we have given feedback on the same, then we should not overlook it. 

4) We must not hesitate to ask for help

Sometimes, as learners, we live in a delusion that we are alone. This feeling leads to numerous complications and welcomes unknown stress and anxiety. But we should always remember that we can always ask for help.

  • If we are not able to understand the topic, then without any hesitation, we should ask our teachers to repeat it. 
  • In any non-academic learning, try to practice it and discuss it with your mentor.
  • Group discussions are always reliable for us. 

5) We must not share our screen until asked

Turning on our camera and audio button is essential but sharing the screen simply to distract the class is not acceptable.

  • We must maintain the decorum by not sharing the screen until asked to do so. 
  • We must follow rules and instructions carefully. 
  • We should not mock our classmates or teachers by sharing inappropriate content. 

6) We should not use Phone and Social media during online classes

We all faced this situation that if any notification pops up, we go after our mobile phones and check it. This not only causes distraction but also wastes our time. 

  • We should not turn on the notifications while attending the classes.
  • We should not be in the middle of the session.
  • We should not open the new tab on the laptop while the session is on.

By following these do’s and don’ts of online classes, we will be able to understand the decorum of the online world in a better way. 

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