26 August 2022

Tips and Tricks to boost your self-confidence

Self-confidence plays an important role in the life of students.

If you are a student, you can relate to the above-mentioned line. From the beginning of your new academic year, your first impression in either school or college depends on your confidence.

And why not because there’s a reason that the letter ‘C’ comes before ‘D’ in the English alphabet as ‘Confidence’ for anything comes before ‘Doing’ any task.

But as per statistics by the Times of India, 97% of students have low self-esteem.

Has this happened to you when you were in a classroom full of other students, and you were hesitant to raise your hand to ask a question? Or, maybe in college, to give a presentation in front of top-notch feels like putting your leg in a lion’s den?

If yes, then these instances are proof that you might have low self-esteem.

Firstly let’s find out why students of your age lack self-confidence.

1. Fear of accepting the change

As a student, when you enter your academic path, you face many new changes. You might have heard from your parents that our kid was a bright student when he was in 3rd grade. But as you move a step forward, you are afraid of the new change, and it leads to low self-confidence.

Reasons can be:

      • Not able to understand the academic syllabus.
      • Not able to make new friends
      • Not able to cope well with the situation.

Not want to move forward or to the next chapter of your academic life.

2. Fear of getting rejected

For you, academic studies and non-academic activities are equally important. Lack of this might take a toll on your self-confidence.

      • Not scoring well in academics and fear of failing in studies might affect your self-worth.
      • Not doing well in sports or any other co-curricular activity can lead to devaluing yourself.
      • Constant pressure of becoming the best and brightest amongst all might affect your self-confidence.

3. Fear of competing with your peers

The biggest challenge is seeking competition from your fellow batch mates.

    • Comparing your inner abilities with other students and ruining your self-esteem on your own.
    • For instance, if you have a best friend who is the topper of the class, then you might feel inferior to yourself.
    • This apprehension might lead to jealousy and can affect your self-esteem.


How can this problem be solved?

Well, at first, both parents and students must admit that every child is different and born with unique abilities.

If you are a student, be it a school or college-going, and if you are facing problems with self-confidence, then below mentioned are some tips and tricks that can help you boost your inner self-confidence.

Tips and Tricks to boost your self-confidence

1. Stop comparing

Try to understand that your chapter 10 is different from someone else’s chapter 50. You cannot compare your life with someone else. There is an old saying, which goes when we compare ourselves with some other individual, we insult ourselves.

Our first goal should be to work on our own grass and stop comparing it with other greener grasses.

2. Start writing your positive points

There’s a world out there that is eager to mention your negative side. So let them do their job, and you focus on your positive points.

Take a fresh journal and pen and start writing your strengths. Start mentioning what is good about yourself. And read that every morning. When you do this exercise, it will charge your subconscious mind and fill it with positive energy, which in return boosts your self-confidence.

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3. Start positive affirmations every morning

It is a well-known fact that with affirmations, we can rewire our subconscious minds. Start to have a positive pep talk with yourself every morning and say positive affirmations about confidence.

Look in the mirror and smile every morning and say that today is going to be your day. Try to stick positive wallpapers and motivational quotes in your room. It will reflect positivity.

4. Work on your strengths

we all come with our unique abilities. Some are good at cooking and some at music. Try to find where your interest lies and work on your strength. A little self-boost and self-praise can do wonders. Write your strengths on a piece of paper. Make a to-do list for that day and work on it. Also, work on your communication skills, and try to speak and act in front of the mirror.

5. Take care of your body and health

From taking proper sleep to doing meditation, start taking care of your body. It’s a hidden fact that when you exercise, your body releases happy hormones, and it helps in making you confident. Yoga and walking barefoot on the grass are really helpful in calming your anxiousness and boosting your self-confidence.

Apart from these tips and tricks, you must believe in yourself. Always take note that “faith can move mountains.”

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