7 September 2022

Tips and Tricks to control anxiety before exams

Whenever the exam season is near, the anxiety of students also gets triggered. Be it internal assessments or final exams, we have seen students of any age feeling restless before its commencement. We see them panicking about the result, and they even forget what they have learned for the test.

If these scenarios relate to you, then you might have also faced a panic situation before your examination.

Has it ever happened that while writing the exam, your mind got numb, and you forgot the answer you were supposed to write?

In the majority of cases and according to many surveys, it has been found out because of pre-examination anxiety, students tend to forget what they have learned. This constant stress takes a toll on their memory, and their retention power also decreases.

What could be the reason behind this:

a. Their fear of not scoring good marks:

We agree on it or not, failure has the biggest impact on our lives. And when it comes to students, their fear of failing the exam becomes a nightmare. Fear tends to reduce potential, and hence, it is clearly visible during or before exams.

b. Their fear of not fulfilling the expectations:

Each student is different. Some are good at academics. Some are great at sports. But sometimes, because of competition with peers or fulfilling their parent’s or their own expectations, they begin to feel anxious.

c. Fear of unfinished syllabus:

Maybe because of lack of time, they did not finish their syllabus, and this unprepared state put them in a dilemma. They constantly fear thinking about what could go wrong during the exam because they have not completed their syllabus.

d. Past bad experiences:

Maybe, in the past, they have faced some bad experiences while giving the exam, and it might expand their fear and state of anxiety in them. They recall their past traumas and feel restless.

Well, to be worried before your important test or a big final exam is absolutely normal, but if this exceeds and hampers their mental health, then students should start making some amendments to their lifestyle.

This blog will talk about some basic tips and tricks on how students can control stress and anxiety before any exam.

Tips and Tricks to control anxiety before exams:

1) Fight your fear

The best way to fight any battle is to face it. All the students must gather up their courage and fight the battle of anxiety. It is not easy but surely worth it. Start asking questions to yourself like, “Why am I stressing?” “What can I do to stop this?” “Should I take help from an elder?”

By asking questions, we tend to find ourselves on our own.

2) Do deep breathing

It has been scientifically proven that by taking deep breaths, our anxiety is controlled. Students must try deep breathing exercises to control their minds. For this, draw an imaginative square in front of your eyes. As we know that a square has four corners; hence, utilise this for your deep breaths. On each line, inhale for 4 seconds and exhale on the other one. Finish it when you complete this square. It will help in distracting your mind and control your restlessness.

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3) Try Meditation

In various self-helping books, the power of meditation mentioned is unparalleled. It has also been proven that doing meditation daily for around 29-30 minutes can help you calm your anxious muscles. Start doing meditation at any time. There is no particular position or time that you should follow. try at your own pace.

4) Sniff coffee powder

Strange as it sounds, coffee has the power to change aura. Sniffing coffee powder can help in increasing your concentration and control your restless mind. By doing this every day, you will tend to feel better. You can also take a coffee bath by adding the coffee powder to lukewarm water. This helps in controlling anxiety.

5) Walk barefoot on the grass or your terrace

walking is one of the underrated helping tools to control restless minds. When we walk, we release hormones which help us fight excessive stress. It distracts our minds, and we gain back our momentum. Try to walk on the grass barefoot at least for 30 minutes.

6) Make a proper schedule

Try to list down your syllabus and divide them subject-wise. Make a list of it and follow that schedule to avoid chaos in the exam. Start your studying preparation by choosing your favourite subject first. It will help you with proper concentration and avoid a monotonous routine.

7) Class notes are the secret weapon

If you begin to feel anxious about not understanding the concepts while preparing for the exam, take the help of your class notes. For this, be attentive in class from the start and write down your notes. It helps during your exams.

8) Take guidance from a professional tutor

Any guidance from a professional and experienced tutor can help you with your syllabus. Seek help if you need it with your concepts and opt for one on one personalised learning. 

Exam anxiety can be cured. Start acting because it’s never too late to begin.

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