16 December 2021

Tips For Students To Stay Focused During Online Classes

Along with the new normal of ‘Attending AMA’s’ trend, the students are also adapted to accepting the ‘Online Classes’ trend. Since the Covid-19 outbreak, all the school and college-going students are completing their courses virtually. Though it was difficult at first in accepting this situation, now it has become a daily routine. The students have agreed on this “ New Norm, “ from investing 8-9 hours on the computer screens to giving online examinations, the students have agreed on this “New Norm!”

But, do you know, that this situation has made them mentally drained. The constant Zoom meetings and virtual sessions of courses have made them lethargic. The majority of the students find it difficult to stay connected to the course, and they find online classes dull. As per a survey, this schedule has also led to mental health struggles for students. Subconsciously, the students are missing the organic touch of the teachers and their regular class environment. 

But, until everything goes back to normal, Online classes are a part of their daily routine. So by looking at the situation, let’s make use of something we already have! In this blog, we will share some useful tips on how students can stay focused during online classes. 

Dear students, it’s time to turn on your mic and camera

  • Ask and Act: When it comes to studying, become attentive to your surrounding and take a glance at yourself. Asking questions to yourself gives solutions in many ways. Engage in your given activity and act accordingly. If you will be true to yourself, things will become butter smooth. Ask, ‘Why am I attending this class?’ ‘How it will benefit me?’ ‘Is it important to mute the button and take a nap?’ ‘What if this topic comes in my exams?’ These questions will make you active, and you will engage constructively. 
  • Show dedication to your subject: You can only be efficient in your subject if you give your 100% to it. Become keenly observant and show your interest in that subject. Make a routine, try to incorporate it into your daily life, and stick to it for a long duration. Be communicative about it and ask questions, if necessary. Use sticky notes or flashcards as readily available resources. Don’t procrastinate or push it forward. 

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  • Choose your favorite spot: As the human mind is concerned, if it is in an environment with for your online classes, you can choose your favorite spot or area in your house, and then indulge in further activity. Technically speaking, selecting a place of your own will give a familiar vibe, and you will feel less dull. 
  • Don’t be distracted: How many times, you have turned off your mic and video button, and watched a YouTube video instead? I guess, the list is long! You need to stop yourself from scrolling unnecessary Social Media Applications during your online class. Don’t be distracted and give your focus on what is most important during that moment. 
  • Take Breaks: Now, you are allowed to share your Snapchat streak or an Instagram Story. Breaks during online classes are really important for the proper functioning of your mind. It makes you cheerful and spread positive vibes to move forward. Be it taking a power nap, reading a book, scrolling social media, going for a walk, or simply doing nothing. You have to refresh and calm your mind. You can either binge in your favorite snacks or put on a piece of light music. It will surely change the studying atmosphere.
  • Do some stretches: Maybe, many students are also complaining of gaining weight while sitting for longer times. Stretching exercises will help to overcome this problem. You can do some neck rotations, or follow some grip-related exercises like arm rotation. You can also squeeze and release your fingers and do a regular deep breathing exercise. By doing this, you will feel healthy both physically as well as mentally. 
  • Never compromise with your sleep: You should take at least 7-8 hours of proper sleep to be active throughout your day. The majority of the students sleep late at night, and this, in turn, causes a delay in the morning, and the cycle goes on. Try to sleep and wake up at the same time and maintain your cardinal rhythm. It has been scientifically proven that a night of proper sleep is really important for a happy life. Try to incorporate this habit. 

P.s- Stay Hydrated

These tips will surely help you stay focused in your online classes. 

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