16 December 2021

Simple Tips to Balance Work and Life

Have you been in a situation where your family members or colleagues have said, “You are always on your Laptop!” 

If yes, then this blog is for you! 

If we look at the present times, then managing a healthy work schedule along with a balanced life feels distant. Our morning begins with the buzzing of an alarm clock followed by scrolling of the news feed and other important stuff and ends with watching a YouTube video or a Netflix show. Nowadays, our lives are connected to wires, and our connection is mostly virtual. 

Be it, professionals or students, they are stick to their mobile and laptop screens for their online classes and other work. Because of the hectic schedule and busy working culture, quality of life is hampered, and work is also not balanced. This situation often leads to detachment from other family members and professional colleagues. Sometimes, even festive vibes feel like a burden, and we are often overloaded with work. 

Subconsciously, this hectic routine and busy schedule are deteriorating our happiness and mental health, and maintaining a balanced life in terms of work and personal life is becoming a bit daunting task. 

In this blog, we will find out some interesting tips to balance work and life altogether, which might be beneficial for a better life and work culture. 

    • MANAGING YOUR TIME: Before beginning your day, ask yourself, ‘What are the most important tasks I have to do?’ Prepare a list of self questions that will help you organize your tasks for the day. For example, if there is something on your list which has no specific deadline, then that task can be done on some other day. You don’t have to force or over-exert yourself in finishing that task on the same day. By doing this, you will feel relaxed and calm. You will find it easy to take out time for your own self and enjoy your ‘ME TIME!’ 


    • LOOK OUT FOR GREEN TICKS: An interesting way to balance your work and life is by making a list of the things you are about to do in a day. Mention even the silliest daily chores on that paper, and after finishing that task, make a habit of making a tick with a green color pen. When you will see those frequent ticks, you will feel accomplished from within. You will notice that unintentionally, your workload is reduced to half. The magic of green color leaves a healthy impression on your brain. 


    • DON’T NEGLECT YOUR MENTAL PEACE: Being in constant touch with laptops and mobile can often lead to severe hypertension and stress disorders. During your work or Zoom meetings, don’t forget about your biggest priority, and that is your mental health. Remember Simon Biles? She took a break from the “OLYMPICS” to prioritize her mental health. She set an applaudable example for all of us. Work is important but not more than your mental peace. Always make a room for your mental peace.

    • DON’T BE AFRAID TO TAKE A BREAK: Even studies have shown that taking a power nap in the afternoon or a short break between your work helps in boosting your confidence and sharpening your creativity. You will automatically find yourself charged and enthusiastic about your work. You will be more focused, and tasks will not be troublesome for you. You can either watch any Instagram Reel, a short video, or any other entertaining stuff which will calm your mind. 


By following these productive tips, you will see the difference in your daily life. Try them for your own good. 

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