25 May 2022

Tips to Prepare for the New Academic Year

“Work hard until the lamplight of your table becomes the spotlight of the stage.”

Let’s think of a situation where you had a sound sleep and the next morning you wake up, you’re in class 10th! The first thought that will rush into your mind is how do I prepare? Where do I begin from?

How to score good marks in class 10?

Entering a new year can be really stressful. The new academic year comes with challenges! Teachers, parents, tutors, everyone expects you to perform better than the previous grade. Which is not wrong but how? As a student, it can be a difficult process to figure out everything in one go. But what if you prepare yourself slowly and progressively by maintaining a yearly timetable?

Yes, the thought is predictable, but the plus point is, it works! Two out of five researchers have proved that pre-planning the entire year can help students in time management. To pre-plan your Academic Year you need to keep certain points in mind:

Figure out your learning style

Ask yourself,

“Do I enjoy watching television shows or reading books to pass my time?”

If you are a learner who enjoys watching television shows and series, you might adapt to online tutor and online class real quickly and well, whereas, if you are an avid reader, you might adapt to reading and clearing your concepts.

Once you have analysed which method of studying you follow and which one is actually your style, you have half the things sorted out! Start with making a plan, but before that, plot your habits.

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Mark the Habits

“It takes 21 days to make or break a habit.”

Not a quality, but habit changes a person. If you ask a classmate why their books are always so tidy, they will often say it is because it’s been a habit. A habit can shape a person’s overall performance to a certain level.

How do I spot my habits?

Study your daily routine, sort the good and bad habits, lastly change and review them. To get a clear idea, pin the calendar on playing games, online tuitions, creative thinking and so on. One new habit every week and yet you can perform better in a month if you actually add four habits to your week each time!

Create realistic study plans

  • Make a solid schedule to follow, decide which is your strongest subject and which one is the weakest. Make sure to also focus on non-academic subjects and learn to balance out the day.
  • Apart from that, just studying the same favourite subject isn’t enough. You need to go through all round learning and cover the entire syllabus by giving enough attention and time to each subject.
  • Pick a time to study and a fixed study desk for it can be practised to follow the plan and to be a ninja at learning!
  • Make it a habit to study the topic right after it’s taught in school or tuition.
  • There might be a time in your day when you feel utterly exhausted. At such a time, pick a different subject to study.
  • Don’t forget to rest enough and take power naps or snack breaks too.

Time for an updated timetable

What if it was your last day on earth?

Yes, ask yourself similar questions which will motivate you to plan your day from scratch. Just like a planned itinerary for a tour, plan your day, divide it in such a manner that you will have ample time to study and to do other activities.

Since school, we have known the fact that a timetable improves efficiency, punctuality and task management skills. Give it a try and see if it works for you too.

A happy body for a healthy mind

There is something as important as academic studies. For a student, an important part of their school years includes engaging non-academic subjects like drawing, PT, yoga class and much more. The root aim is to keep the students’ minds and bodies healthy altogether. To re-energise the body, take up healthy non-academic activity. It will refresh and motivate you to focus on your next task even better.

Plot the Progress

Even when you bake a cake, you follow certain steps and measure how your cake making journey has been so far. Exactly like that, observe how far your day has been and then divide it into creative learning, reading, studying and sports. Want to make a few changes? Do it! Nothing is better than taking charge of your time management and studies.

Rome was not built in a day!

It isn’t possible for you to go from being a couch potato to the master of all skills within just one day. Start with marking your progress on the calendar, how much you have scored, how good your skills have been, how prepared you are for the next exam, so as to give yourself a pat on the back for coming this far.

Make sensible rules to follow

The greater part of learning includes self-discipline. The very famous sportsman Milkha Singh believed in three words,

“Discipline, hard work and willpower.”

It is necessary to follow certain rules in order to stay focused on your goal.

If you want to go out to play, make sure to balance it out on your schedule. Entertainment shouldn’t cause you to lose time and knowledge.

Certain self-improving rules can be plotted like:

  • Wake up on time
  • Have a balanced diet
  • Maintain hygiene
  • Exercise your body
  • Make time for creative learning

Right use of your gadgets

A number of times it’s observed that even the smartest and well planned move doesn’t give flourishing results. Imagine studying very hard for an exam but sleeping when you have to actually appear for it!!

Students work really hard but often fail to execute their plans. There are a number of distractions: TV sets, mobiles, tablets, video games and much more.

Nowadays, even a toddler knows how to play his favourite nursery rhyme on the mobile phone!!

To uproot unhealthy lurking habits and to remember that gadgets are for us to use and not vice versa, it is necessary to use your gadgets and tools wisely.

Above all, overuse of any gadget might be a waste of time and energy..

Challenges, I am ready!

Now that you’ve a solid plan for your new academic year, get ready to give your best academic performance so far and excel in exams. Your online classes, private tutors and schools can guide you, but the execution lies in your hands.

Change, adapt, practice and achieve has to be an ongoing chain to speed up the process to get outstanding grades.

All the perseverance will pay off when you see your results and feel the immense satisfaction of working hard and following a strict academic schedule.

Hope you picked a handful of tips to follow soon!

So, when are you preparing yourself for the New Academic Year?

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