18 January 2023

Top 7 Ways to overcome your fear of exams

The fear of exams is for real! Be you are a student studying in any class, as soon as you hear the commencement of your exam, the fear rate expands, and it triggers you from inside.

The majority of parents are concerned for their children as they get worried about their grades. Not only them but also students undergo dreadful emotions when they hear about exams.

What could be the reason behind this unknown fear towards examination?

1. Unfinished syllabus

If you are a student, then you are aware of the fact that procrastination is your best friend. Isn’t it? You tend to take a leap in your studying schedule and carry forward it to the next day, and then that tomorrow never comes. This is the main reason why most students feel anxious when they hear about exams. Subconsciously, they are driven by the fear that their syllabus is not finished yet, and it leads to stress and anxiety.

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2. Not sufficient time

This point is interconnected with the above-mentioned pointer. If the syllabus is unfinished, then it is obvious that students might not have sufficient time to grasp everything together. Due to which their anxiety and fear trigger the most. Students face problems in coping well for the exam, and because of not sufficient time, they live in a dreadful reality of giving their exams with no preparation.

3. Parental expectations

If you look at the current situation, the majority of the students are facing problems related to their mental health, and it is interconnected with many inner and outer circumstances. Students want to live up to their parent’s expectations, and when they fail to do so, their fear is triggered. Most of the cases revolve around exam time, and students fear it the most.

4. Competition from peers

Not only parents, but peers also play an important role in the academic progress of students. Haven’t we heard it from the parents that ‘choose your circle wisely because it will help you sink or swim in deep waters?’ The same happens around exam time. Some students fear the exam because they feel insecure and demotivated as they are unable to compete with their peers. It triggers their anxiety and stress levels, and during exam time, they feel lonely.

5. Fear of failure

The most important and concerning point is that students are afraid of failure. The one thing that comes free with exams is the pressure to be on the top and excel. But that’s not the reality if there is success, there is also failure. But students fail to understand this, and it creates problems while appearing in exams. They are afraid to attempt and face it.

After looking at these problems, what could be the solution for them?

In this blog, we will find out ways through which you can overcome your fear of exams. If you are a parent, then this could be a parenting lesson that you can incorporate to make your child life’s easier while appearing for any exam.

Let’s find out about the ways by which you can overcome your fear of exams.

1. Be prepared for the exam

As a student, you must be aware of a certain date sheet that is relevant to your exams. If not fixed dates, you might be aware of the months your exam can take place. For example, in the majority, the half-yearly exams usually happen in the month of October-November. Hence, take advantage of it and be prepared from the start. Take note of this specific timing and be prepared accordingly.

2. Make a habit of writing down class notes

The most underrated yet most useful information is always taught in the classroom. Be it talking about any Mathematical equation, Physics formula, Grammar lesson, or any new literature chapter, every concept matters and it is taught in the classroom. Make a habit of writing it down in your notebook, and during your exam, it can become the most cherished treasure box that can help you excel academically.

3. Making a timetable always helps

Write it down and prioritise your studying schedule. Assign every subject on your schedule and go accordingly. It will help you stay focused, and you will feel less dreadful as everything will be aligned and assigned according to your exams. Try to write down the syllabus you need to cover, your revision timings, your break times, and everything relevant to your exams.

4. Always take deep breaths

Keeping your mental health sane is the most important way to deal with exam fear. Try to look for various deep breathing exercises and follow them 2-3 times a day. An inhale and exhale activity can help you stay calm and avoid unnecessary anxiety during the commencement of your exam. Meditation and Yoga are also helpful in achieving a good mental state.

5. Keep your studying and sleeping room separate

During exam time, laziness is your biggest enemy. Your bed would make you crawl back, and in no time, you will lose the momentum to cover your syllabus, and it will invoke fear. Try to keep your study room separate from the room you sleep in. It will help you stay focused and will keep you away from distractions.

6. Surround yourself with positivity

As mentioned before, your peers play a very important role in your academic progress. Hence, choose your circle wisely and surround yourself with positivity. Try to bring healthy competition and always stay focused in your lane. Keep your energy safe and surround yourself with those people and things that can help you grow and excel. It could be any music that makes your day better, a healthy conversation with your pals or spending time alone. Keep yourself firm and be attracted to positivity.

7. Always choose professional guidance

There is no doubt in the fact that any personal guidance from any private and experienced tutor can help you beat your fear of exams. The tutors are there to guide and lead your way and help you score high grades. With their help, you can solve your doubts, cover your syllabus on time, and do thorough revisions before your exam. You can choose HomeGuru for your assistance. It is one of the most revolutionary Ed-tech platforms that provide home tutoring and online classes for every subject, board, and class.

These were a few tips that can help you overcome your fear of exams. Always remember that a slight nervousness will always be there but don’t let it become your hurdle for life. The solution is always available at every step.

Good luck!

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