2 March 2023

How to prepare notes for class 12 board exams

Board examinations play a very important role for students. Both class 10 and class 12 boards are the toughest chapters that guide students towards their future, especially the latter one.

After class 12, the real world starts and it prepares students to be strong enough to be ready for the future. But before that, every student must be familiar with his or her class 12th concepts.

Class 12th Syllabus and how to cover it?

Students studying in class 12; be it if any stream always has one question in their minds, and that is, how to complete their syllabus before time and make space for revision?

Well, the basic answer to this lies in ‘making notes!’

Class notes are one of the most underrated treasures for students as it helps them to analyse and understand concepts clearly. Apart from this, making notes on their own is something that every student must do.

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There are many advantages of making notes.

  • It helps in memory retention. When you make notes from your course book or with the help of any other referral or guidance book, your subconscious mind stores that information easily and helps in proper retention.
  • It helps with the quick completion of the syllabus. While writing down notes on every subject, you are clear about what you have cleared in the syllabus and what’s remaining. It helps you to finish the syllabus on or before time.
  • It gives quick revision. Your notes are your last-minute exam companion that helps you to take a glance at every topic and gives you quick revision.

Now the question comes to how to make notes for class 12. Follow these easy steps and become proficient in making notes.

Prepare notes for class 12 board exams:

1) A separate notebook

Make a separate notebook for every subject that is easy to carry anywhere. Pick your favourite subject to start with.

2) Choose all important topics

When you begin reading from the book, highlight important key pointers. Make a list of all those important topics first. After reading from your curricular book, choose any referral book suggested by your teacher and write down the extra information given.

3) Take help from the previous year’s question papers

Not only from books but previous year’s question papers are also beneficial in making notes. It gives you a rough idea of what questions were asked before and what can be asked in future and you can make notes accordingly.

4) Try to write down information in short sentences

When you begin to write, keep your sentences easy to read and short. Follow the KISS METHOD. Keep it short and simple! It will help you while doing the revisions.

5) Use tabular charts and illustrations

Making notes using tabular charts, flow charts, illustrations or diagrams helps with proper retention. It helps in grasping the information faster. Along with this, bullet points are also helpful.

6) Take help from a professional home tutor

Many private home tutors are there to guide you at every step. Take help from them in making notes for class 12 and clearing your exams with good grades.

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