10 August 2022

Simple Tips to write a resume for a fresher

Resumes for freshers are one of the most important assets. From looking aesthetically pleasing to adding useful information to it, their resume is a valuable piece of paper that can lend them a job.

But for a college student or a rookie, who is looking for a job, building a CV is a tough challenge. Young and inquisitive minds of freshers are eager to write everything they can, but they are filled with multiple doubts. They come across various questions while building a strong resume for themselves, and they are apprehensive about moving forward.

The reasons could be many:

1. Their lack of experience

As freshers are about to start their careers, the biggest challenge they face is writing about their work experience. They feel troubled leaving that column vacant.

2. They are not aware of professional terms

A newbie might have passed from their college and are used to speaking a common slang language, which is different from the professional one. Henceforth, they feel uptight about using professional words in sentences.

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3. Not aware of the format

There are many possible templates available for resume creation, but the ones who are not having any prior experience feel appalled in choosing the right template base for themselves.

4. Not sure of skills

Maybe for newbies, a fresh and raw attitude are the biggest assets they can possess, but when it comes to writing it down, they are confused.

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5. Not balanced with personal and professional aspects

Resumes are not for writing your life story or mentioning the hobbies that can lead you to a job, but a college-passed student is unaware of this fact. When they write their resume, they are confused about what personal information is needed.

By looking at these points, we are pretty much clear on the fact that building a strong CV is a must for your professional life. And if you are a fresher, then you must know the secret code about resume creation.

In this blog, we will cover some useful tips and tricks to build a strong resume that would make you professional and would lend you a job.

1. Be relevant and reliable

The interviewers receive around 200 applications per day, and if you need to stand out against the odds with this number, then your application must be very relevant and reliable. For example, if you are not fluent in multiple languages, don’t try to mention it. Try to bring authenticity to your resume. It should not look like you need to impress the interviewer by giving them false information about yourself.

2. Choose the appropriate template:

If we go back ten years backwards, then at that time, choosing a template was a restricted task. You could possibly select it from Microsoft Word and start writing. But in today’s time, there are multiple options available for your preference. Try to get the most professional and aesthetically pleasing template for yourself. From choosing the right font text to size to the colour, everything matters. Avoid using sparkle colours for your resume. Try to incorporate a standard size of 12 for writing your text. Times New Roman, Work Sans and Calibri are the most commonly used fonts. So try to use it.

3. Any experience can count

As you are a newbie, your biggest worry is writing about your work experience. But trust us, if there’s any opening for a fresher, then an interviewer knows that the applicant will not have any prior work experience. And to stand against the odds, here, any experience will be considered as the ace of spades. If you have worked as a part-time tutor or you were a part of an NGO, you can mention that in your resume. It gives a strong and positive impression to the interviewer.

4. Don’t boast but don’t hide either

You need to learn the art of showing yourself as a leader, but at the same time, you need to be careful that you do not sound aggressive about yourself. There is a thin line between showing a positive attitude and showing arrogance, and you must learn how to balance it.

5. Always conclude with a positive impact

Remember that you only got 120 seconds to impress the hiring committee. Be specific about your information. Avoid writing long sagas that might bore them. And try to conclude it by writing a summary of it. Your overview of yourself should be convincing and powerful. It should not sound desperate, but indeed, it should project that you are a team leader who is ready to learn and explore.

With these simple tricks, you can begin writing your resume.

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