30 December 2022

Top 5 Resolutions for students to take in 2023

When we talk about New Year, the term resolution always comes with it. For us, resolutions are like a wake-up call to become a better version of ourselves. Be it getting rid of toxic habits or challenging ourselves to prove ourselves, our resolutions always help us to take a step forward in our growth.

As the New Year 2023 is approaching, why not take some resolutions for your learning journey?

You might be thinking and giggling that as students, we had tried this concept of taking new year’s resolutions but it does not work.

But this time, let’s start again with new hopes and new beginnings to cherish the new year 2023. Let’s try to take those resolutions that actually work and seem beneficial and achievable for you.

1)  ‘I will keep my mental health sane.’

This new year’s resolution of keeping your mental health perfect is a reminder to treat your mind, body, and spirit active and healthy. Nowadays, when competition is at its higher stake and every child is fighting to hustle, struggle, and survive, don’t forget that your mental health always comes first. No test or exam is bigger than your mental health.

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2) ‘I will keep early mornings for revisions.’

We all know what early mornings bring for us! It is like a magical healing potion that brings beneficiary results to every individual and especially students. This year, try to wake up early and utilise it for your revisions. Yes, waking up is not easy but give yourself time and don’t pressurise yourself.

3)  ‘I will take breaks in between.’

In the learning journey, every second is important. But you need to understand that you cannot cover the entire syllabus of every subject in one day. Henceforth, try not to overburden yourself and offer yourself 10 minutes of break in between your studies. It helps in giving peace to your mind and is important for memory retention.

4)  ‘I will keep the equal division of everything.’

For students, balance plays a very important role. Sometimes, you are too focused on the subject you don’t like and waste your time on that and sometimes, you like a subject the most and don’t learn anything else. In between, there is no equal weightage given to other subjects. Try to keep a balance of it and pay equal attention to everything.

5)  ‘I will make some educational goals.’

Making new educational goals in the new and fresh year is beneficial for students as it helps in paving the way for a bright future. It makes you aware to fulfill your goals in a proper way.

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